Old Florida Celebrates the Arts

Cedar Key Arts Center takes over downtown and puts on a fantastic little art show.  Gorgeous setting, fantastic art and wonderful staff and volunteers.  The weather was perfect this week.  In the following years is always going to be the last full weekend in March, so next year it’s will be March 30th & 31st.

This show is a gem to do.

Moses and Pelican- Our home during the Art Show

Load in/Out : Load in was pretty easy, road closed down. You can drive to your booth, though it would be problematic with a large vehicle or trailer if you didn’t get there early. Load out was a problem for some, because someone hooked someone’s tent or something driving in and the police got involved, so no one was driving in for awhile. All in all, I think it was pretty easy to do.
Amenities: Breakfast (yogurt, danish etc) both days. Finger foods and drinks for award ceremony.
Awards: Nice prize money. Don’t know what the judge’s qualification were, lots of fantastic art there, not sure I agree with all her choices. Definitely an opinion poll since only one judge.
Good crowd in mornings, dwindled in the afternoon. Weather was perfect.
Sales were few and far between, though someone contacted after show so possible large sale. If that happens it will be a great show, if not we didn’t loose money, but we didn’t make much either.
Very low key area, great place to relax and enjoy. Make reservations early and things book up fast.
Great people run the show and we really enjoyed spending time with them. There was money walking around at the show, but I didn’t see many packages going by. There were few artists we talked to that barely made expenses. But others said they did well. We will try it again next year, if we get in and if we can do it with another show or two in a row.
Definitely had some great quality of work.

UPDATE: So after we left the show a lady who had seen one of our bigger pieces on Saturday, but did not talk with us or pick up a card, decided that she wanted to get a hold of us. She contacted Bev the coordinator of the show and asked her if she knew who we were, only describing our work (she didn’t know booth # or name or anything like that). Bev because she actually goes through the show knew who we were and put her in touch with us. Long story short after some negotiation and some how to we get this to her when it’s to big to really ship without major $$. We will be delivering at largest and most expensive piece to this lady when we go down to do shows closer in the late fall. It made our show sales wonderful all because the show organizer took a moment to meet artists and give out information. Bev said she had four other people call for information on other artists that she was able to provide, I hope it was an successful.


Food in Cedar Key, Fl

So we’ve gone out a couple times since we’ve been down here in Cedar Key.  We went to Tony’s Seafood Restaurant.  It’s the normal pricey of a tourist place, but they have some really good clam chowder.  In fact you can actually order it and have it delivered in cans to your home.    It has been by far the best chowder I’ve had in a restaurant.  So if you aren’t going to make it from scratch, give theirs a try if you are hankering from some delicious clam chowder.  https://www.tonyschowder.com/

The second place we tried was over the top of another restaurant.  We went bike riding all over Cedar Key today and stopped in Away From the World Burgers to just get a bite.  We went super hungry, so debated on getting an appetizer or sharing a burger.  Decided to go the burger route and I’m glad we did.   It was amazing.  Fresh and juicy and so flavorful.   They have outside seating and our dog friendly, in fact you can even order your favorite canine a burger prepared just for them.   Pretty view right on the water.  Most reasonable prices we’ve seen in all of Florida.   Fries were hand-cut and perfect.  https://www.facebook.com/AFTWCedarKey/

Sunset Isle RV Resort – Cedar Key, FL

We have being staying here since Monday.  Nice little park around 62 spaces.  Wouldn’t recommend it for RVs over about 42 as there is some tight spaces to maneuver in to get around.  Though there are a few on the outside that might work if they are open.

                                     Sunset over the water

It’s been near full the whole time we’ve been here.  Has small bath house and coin laundry.  Clubhouse with some activities.  Mostly it’s just laid back relaxation, like the rest of Cedar Key.   Website: http://www.cedarkeyrv.com/index.html

Mud Flats

It’s right on the water, tide goes out to leave exposed mud flats and it brings in all sorts of birds.  Osprey are nesting close by so you hear them and see them throughout the day.   Cedar Key is a pretty laid back place.  Similar to the actual keys without the gorgeous ocean.  More inland mud flats in most locations that you can get too.  Doesn’t have the blue-green color of the water in areas I’ve seen.  But it is nice for a relaxing get away.   Our temporary home away from home.

Moses and Pelican



Yoga on the Beach & RANT

So we went out to St. George Island early this morning so Scot could go metal detecting on the beach. It’s spring break time here, so he thought it might be good. As we came out on the beach from the trail we saw the sand littered with beer cans and other trash. As I came once again to the realization that people are pigs. Seriously, people clean up your trash. The trash cans several of them weren’t even 4 yards away from where people had just left they empty beer cans. Why? It’s no wonder that our society is going to hell in a hand basket with this kind of behavior. It just really pissed me off. I wish I have the power to just make the trash left follow whoever left it home or even there car maybe with some sand thrown in with it. Maybe their bed at home.. not their bed at their vacation site, but their bed at home. Every piece of trash they left in their beds waiting for them when they get back from their vacation of indulgence of not picking up their shit. End RantIMG_7728

After I got done getting up ticked off about people I took my yoga mat and laid it out near the crashing surf. Not close enough to get wet, but close enough to block out all the noise and just focus on the ocean. There I focused on the moment and did several sun salutes and some other yoga poses to try and elevate some hip problems I’m having and to focus breathing in the moment. Pausing to watch the dolphins swimming by and the pelicans flying. I might be able to learn to relax and breath if I could do that on a daily basis. There is just something about the sound of the ocean that just makes life better. I seriously need a bigger yoga mat though as the sand gets everywhere.



St. George Island

St George Island

St George Island Light house

Definitely worth a visit. The island has some restaurants, we ate at the Blue Parrot. If you go, DO NOT GET the lobster and crab bisque unless you love beer. It didn’t have much of anything else in it and it just tasted like beer. The bowl was the size a medium cup and pricey!


But the beaches are definitely worth the trip. You can go out to the state park.  It cost $6 for 2 people for the day.There is a campground if you can figure out the reservations thing. They said they are full, but when we drove through several places were empty. The beaches are littered with colorful shells and gorgeous. shells2 Lots of them. We didn’t really see any biking paths, but you can ride your bike on the roadway.