Florida 2014 – Artship

Tuesday came way too early and soon we were on the road on our adventure to Florida.  I can only say adventure because a vacation would be to claim it all relaxation and a working vacation would state it as a known quantity.  So I will say it’s an adventure something like these are the voyages of the Artship Prowler seek out new art venues and new commissions to boldly go wherever the metal detectors take us.

So we are off and running, hoping that we return with not only brighter finances, but with a lot of relaxation under our belt.  Today is our big push day, drive until we drop.  Hopefully get below any freezing line, so the water in the camper won’t freeze and to let us relax a couple of days before we have to set up at an art show.  Yesterday the water pump wasn’t working in the camper.  Scot tried to trouble shoot it, but everything seemed right except it is not pumping water out.  UGH!  I had a long talk with the God, the angels and the universe about it last night asking if the bouncing on the road might just miraculous fix it somehow.  So I’ll let you know how that goes.

The weeks leading up to our trip were filled with some triumphs, failures and a lot of stress. Amazingly enough we were able to push through and get a lot more inventory done then I had originally thought would be possible.  Somehow loaded in the truck and camper are assortment of stainless steel and copper coral walls and rocks, assorted metal herons and ibises and a vast assortment of other metal creations we hope will peak the interest and bring out the credit cards and cash of crowds of the four art shows we are attending.

I personally had a moment of teary-eyed worry today as I hugged my oldest, Bethany before she left for work, kissed my son, Russel, who was still snoozing, reminding him that he would have to get up and let the chickens and ducks out when it was light and saying goodbye to assorted cats and the dog would be staying home.  Thought it would take me a little longer to miss them.  We will miss our youngest, Kirsten, first professional play as she plays Marianne in the production of Sense and Sensibility at the Phoenix Theatre.  I know that our children are totally able to take care of the home and animals while we are away, but part of me is still panicked about being some many states away especially during winter.  The conversation last night included a lot of these worries and the acceptance that I’m going to just have to have faith that all will work out.

This voyage is all about faith: Faith that things will be ok while we are away from home, faith that our creations will sell and the trip will be profitable, faith that Scot and I will be able to happily coexist in a 28” space for over a month, and faith that we will be relax and come back refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.

With an hour of time and a Camping World, Scot managed to replace the water pump, so we now have water.  YAH!  Once again, I’m glad I’m married to a handy fellow makes my life so much easier.  Sure I can do a lot of things, I am the daughter of a jack-of-all-trades, but it’s so nice NOT to have to figure out some things. So soon we were back on the road with everything running.


Ok, just a break off the serious conversation: What’s with the bacon grease in southern cooking?  We stopped for a really late lunch at a he-that-shall-not-be-named diner.  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, it’s 2 o’clock and we are starving, so first available food and we stopped.  It was a buffet.  I have nothing against buffets except they encourage too many trips back.  But we were a little disappointed it was the typical Southern home cooked to death type.  Still beggars can’t be choosy and we got a plate.  That’s when I took a bite of the greens and the green beans.. ugh! Bacon Grease!  Don’t get me wrong, I like bacon and use it for favoring some times.  I even occasional cook with bacon grease or add a little bit for some flavor on a dish.  I know all you deep-down-true-to-the-bone Southerns will denounce me for the Northern that I am, but the secret to flavoring with bacon and especially grease is a LITTLE!   I want to taste the food not the grease.  Enough said.. just personal taste.

We have decided to drive all the way through to Florida.  After 13 hours on the road we pulled into the welcome center on the Florida border.  Started the generator, heated up a little chili, fed the dog, Bitty, who has the patience of a saint when we traveling and ate dinner. Then we turned off the generator, jumped under the covers and rapidly fell into a dreamless sleep.

PS: Scot says he froze his ass off because someone stole the covers, I had a long talk with Bitty this morning about not doing it again. <grin>


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