Wednesday 15th

Wed 15

Up at 6:30.. brrr!  Isn’t Florida supposed to be warm?  Lucky me!  Scot went out to start the generator, turned on the heat and coffee while I cuddled in bed with Bitty.  He was wore out from yesterday and happy to stay under the covers and enjoy some cuddles, even stayed there while I fixed his breakfast only coming out from under the covers when I pulled out the cheese to top it.  After a cup of coffee and a Bitty walk we started up on the truck and headed down the road.

Our plan is to reach Venice and a campground called Rambler’s Rest.  We will stay there two nights, than go to our first show- Sarasota Fine Arts Festival by Paragon Events.  We are looking forward to it, because we get to set up on Friday instead of the oh-my-sweet-heavens it’s early Sat morning set up that we will have to do for some of the shows here.  After the show we will return to Rambler’s Rest for four days before the next show.  We chose Rambler’s Rest because it’s close to our first two shows – Sarasota and Venice Arts and Crafts Festival and because they give a 50% discount for members of the Smart Club, which is a travel club for active duty military and retired military.  So sweet!

Well, we’ve arrived the campground Rambler’s Rest and set up until Friday when we’ll be off to Sarasota.  Unfortunately our spot was a little tight backing into and between Scot and I, we managed to catch the edge of the awning on a palm tree.  Great, something more to fix, but it will wait until tomorrow.  The other part of the set up plugging in, leveling everything and hooking up went fine.  Almost immediately we were welcomed by neighbors wondering where we were from and how long we were staying.  Scot and I were the “fresh meat” in the neighborhood.

The campground is very nice, lots of permanent trailers with lanais and sheds.  Seems that there are more of those then there are temporary RV’s.  Our greeters told us that there are many activities on a daily basis if we want to join in.  Scot being the social personality that he is has already met a good portion of neighbors and will no doubt find out about  these incredible activities on our stay here.  I can already feel the quiet contemplation that seems to hit me whenever we take this camper out and I want to spend my time somewhere between sleeping and writing while ignoring the outside world.

We took a long walk with Bitty after his dinner.  Walked around the campground and checked out the future spots they have us in on our trips back here the next two weeks.  One is nicer, easier to get in then this place and we will probably ask if we can stay there both weeks.  Though the neighbors are great here, so who knows?  Our biggest problem.. no WFI!  Wait that might be very relaxing..

Anyway, back to the water.  Pretty area, lots of Spanish moss and air plants on the trees and even some plants still in bloom and lots of places for sale, anyone want to buy one?  Nice ones range from $15,000-30,000+.  Only drawback is it will cost you about $500 a month to keep the trailer in the space that includes your utilities, water and sewer.  Hmmm, the weather is cool right now, but nice.  Still I wonder about hurricane season…

At the Myakka River we saw a gorgeous egret.  A group of people fishing and talking on the dock told us that it was an emperor egret. IMG_1485 Going to do more checking on that and find out; would make a nice bird to sculpt.  Walking back we had a real treat of seeing a bald eagle on the top of a tall tree.  Was incredible! I’ve never been that close to one before outside of a zoo.  We just stood and watched it for a while as it was watching us, probably eyeing Bitty!  Then it swopped down off the tree and flew away… I may have squealed a little bit inside as we were so close you could hear the sound of the wind rushing through his feathers.  Oh heck, so amazing.  The whole walk was great though I’m a little be trepidations about the watch for gators signs.  Say WHAT?!  Scot said we could lose our dog and get in trouble for feeding the alligators at the same time.. not good!


On the way back, we decided to just fix some dinner and stay in for the night instead of going grocery shopping.  This might have had something to do with the fact I was starving and exhausted at the same time.  Not a good combination, by the time I made some rice and salmon, I felt like I would bite someone’s head off if I didn’t get some food right now.  We always joked about my oldest when she was younger that she could be hungry or she could be tired, but heavens forbid if she was both.  Guess I know where she gets it from… fortunately, I got food.  Now a shower and good night’s sleep and maybe just maybe I might be able to socialize tomorrow…  Night all!


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