Thursday 16

Slept in until after 8, can’t tell you how good that felt. No cats waking me up at 3 am with a hair ball or paw on my face to get up and let them out. Yep, I totally love the fact Bitty likes to sleep in, probably could have slept another hour before he asked for breakfast or to go out. Life is good!
Made our way slowly out into the real world and got some groceries. Scot wants WFI so we checked out some services before finding a Straight Talk hotspot service at Wal-mart. You buy the hotspot and activate it and then just buy your data usage. It eliminates the need for a contract; most places require a 2 year contract. It was $80 for the hotspot, then data starting at $15 for 1G. We thought this would be more versatile for us as we can use it whenever we are traveling and just buy more data. I’ll let you know how it works.
Back to the trailer, unpacked some art work to clean up and few things we couldn’t finish before we left, but are attracting enough attention that it is slow going. Despite my long rest, I feel the need for a nap. Guess my body is already in vacation mode.. I won’t say it’s working… but we are attempting it!
It’s cold here.. like in the 40’s-50’s! I know that’s nothing like it is at home… but BRRRR! I was thinking I’d be breaking out the shorts and t-shirts, but instead I’m thinking flannel and sweats. Yikes!
So I took Bitty on a late night walk. I think we are both freaked out over the watch for alligators signs, because he heard something while walking and for the rest of the walk we were jumping out of our skins at the slightly noise. Guess my imagination is crazy because I keep watching the ground expecting some hissing gator to come out of the bushes… Totally need an early night..


One thought on “Thursday 16”

  1. I’m going to enjoy keeping up with you. Nomadic Ink last nite – Tony, TJ, Ruth and me. Heard More of Ruth’s story about her pastor in Limestone and TJ shared a story he’s starting. Also told us about a website They have a short contest every month challenging you to write a 53 word story about the topic you’re given. This month’s is “the last piano on the island”. I figure you “can do it”! Ran by the bank and saw Audra today. She’s feeling bad and it has been snowing off and on all day. It’s 21 degrees – you picked a good time to go to FL. Out to look at new house tomorrow to see about getting a furnace and a/c installed. Thought it might come in handy! Take care! We miss you! Hope you sell lots and lots!

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