Friday 17

Up around 8, made breakfast. Buckled up the camper for travel and took Bitty on a long walk. Headed to Sarasota. Got to the check in site about 10, we thought the paperwork said you could drop your campers in a lot around noon, but the show organizers say not until 6. Still like most shows people are here ahead of time. The RV lot is right behind our booth site. I’m going to count that as a super duper blessing. Went ahead and pulled into it and unloaded everything. Just set up the tent over the top of the stuff, because we won’t be able to put it out in the street where it will go until six. Lucky for us there is space behind our tent to do that. Some booths don’t have that. We are just hanging in the RV lot hoping that no one says move it. The organizer says we are good, as long as the police or city doesn’t say move. So we are crossing our fingers.
After we got everything out of the truck, I ate some food. Apparently I’m not making the usual I can go without food thing, because I’m getting totally grouchy when I get hungry and I’m so wiped. For Scot’s sake I’ll try and keep my food intake regularly so I don’t bite his head off.
Scot is now out socializing and I’m just relaxing trying to talk my back out of freaking out. UGH!
It’s now all most 5. We were able to set the camper up. Will have to move the truck into a bigger space and then set up the booth at 6. Go, Go, Go..
Well it worked. The camper got set up right behind the booth and we started setting up the booth. Of course it’s gets dark early and street lights were far apart it was a little bit problematic as evening went on. But I for one was so so happy about setting up the day before it didn’t matter. We got permission from the show organizer to spread out across from our booth, so space won’t be an issue. Finished set up around 7:30, took the dog a long walk and then crashed in the camper.
We are still trying to figure out the generator thing, what it will and will not run at the same time. But slowly we are getting it. Tomorrow begins our first show at 10! We are excited, hopeful and nervous at the same time. Really want to sell some big stuff so we can have some space!


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