Saturday 18

Aloe taller then me.. haven't seen this big since Hawaii!
Aloe taller then me.. haven’t seen this big since Hawaii!
Saturday 18
After a pretty good night sleep, we were up to a crisp cool morning.  The temperature stayed in the 50’s all day with a chilly breeze that made us appreciate the warmth of the sun when we were able to bask in it.  The crowd didn’t appear slowed by the weather and remained a steady stream until about two in the afternoon.  Our first two sales of the day were surprisingly our new coral rocks to couples who lived within 50 miles of our home in Kentucky.  We had to laugh as we’ve had very little luck selling sea inspired items at shows close to home.  
We had some promising conversations with several individuals and a large sale of Scot’s eagle to be delivered to Palmetto on Monday.  Talking with other artists found that sales were the normal range of a show.. some wonderful, some less than expected.  For us, the show has been very promising.  Bill Kinney of Paragon Events does a great job of organizing and advertising for the show. 
The farmers market was open until 1, so I made a quick trip up there.  Snagged some fresh oranges, pineapple, baby watermelon and avocadoes for later meals, looking forward to some good eating. 
Wow, love these!
Wow, love these!
Evening brought a cold wind, but we ventured out to Bill Kinney’s home for some BBQ.  Gave a ride to some fellow artists from Texas that do a fabulous job combining photography and painting to create some awesome works of art, Fushion Painting is what they are called if you want to look them up.   Talked a lot to them about shows and what they attribute their 22 year success too. 
Bill’s house is about 7 miles away from the event.  He puts on a lovely spread for the artists as a thank you for doing the show.  The food was great and the hospitality wonderful.  If you do this show, make plans to attend his dinner.. it’s worth the trip.  Thank you Bill for the invite!   We didn’t stay to long because it had grown quite chilly and none of us were dressed for it.  


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