Monday 20

Ugh!  I really hate it when I can’t sleep.  Ended up finally getting up at 5:25 and checking email.  Makes me drag all day when I don’t get a good night sleep. 
Went to a café for breakfast since we had some time to kill before delivering the eagle.  Nice place, good breakfast.  If you are down in southern Florida area check out Popi’s Place, a Greek American Diner.  They have a few restaurants around, we ate at the one in Palmetto.  Very relaxing local hang out.  Sat and read for awhile while enjoying our breakfast. 
After breakfast we called our client and drove over to their home.  They live in a gated community.  First part of the community is condos, but then over a bridge starts the homes.  The very palatial homes. Our clients live in a large home right on the bay, behind their home is the dock with their 57′ yacht. The eagle certainly will have a great home. 

I want to be an eagle!
I want to be an eagle!
Love it with the fountain rock behind it!
Love it with the fountain rock behind it!
After setting the eagle up and chitchatting with the husband, we continued on the road to Rambler’s Rest.  Set up went a lot smoother this time since we know how to approach our space and soon we were figuring out our plans for the day. 
I did laundry, put some spaghetti sauce in the crock-pot, and did some cleaning; Scot went metal detecting..  hmmm, that seems a little wrong.  But I actually enjoyed the mundane things with some alone time.  Was able to start a book I’d been wanting too.  And after the laundry was done take a long nap.. which I totally needed.  Scot can back about 36 cents richer and decided that a nap was a good call for him too.  Guess we are definitely on vacation! 
After naps we took Bitty on a long walk and enjoyed the river at dusk.  Then back to the camper for spaghetti and some more relaxing.. I could totally handle this kind of life. 


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