Tuesday 21

Ah vacation!  I could so get use to this.. sleeping in until 9!  Who does this?  Me that’s who! 


Began the day with oatmeal for breakfast.  If you all haven’t tried it then try this recipe:

Slower cooker Oatmeal Recipe


Unsalted butter

8 ½ cups water

2 cups steel-cut oats

1 (14oz) can of unsweetened coconut milk (or you can use 1 ¾ cups whole milk

¼ cup packed light brown sugar

½ tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla extract


Coat the insert of the slow cooker with a thin layer of butter.  Add water, oats, coconut milk, brown sugar and salt and stir to combine. 

Cover and cook on low until oats are cooked through and creamy; about 7-8 hours.  Stir in vanilla and serve immediately. 


We topped ours with some frozen berries.  Boy was it good. 


After breakfast we went on an hour and a half walk.  Took some pictures down by the river of birds and just relaxed.  What an incredible time. 


On our return home we were accosted by Beulah the sassy squirrel that lives in the trees next to us.  I have no idea if she’s Beulah or Beauregard, but boy is she sassy.  Told us off for existing in her space and we just let her say her piece while we snapped pictures. 

Sassy Squirrel
Sassy Squirrel


After a while we ventured out of the campground to the local RV shop to talk parts for the ones on the awning we damaged backing into the tree.  The guy was really knowledgeable.. how rare is that? and told us exactly where to find the part number on the awning so we could call back and get the right part. 

We also picked up the connection we needed to get Scot’s computer hooked up so we could do design work and have access to all the documents stored on it. 

Picked up a few necessities from the local Wally’s world and then found a Gyro place for lunch.  Wonderful little spot though they are only open til two.  But melt in your mouth Gyros!  M&D Country Kitchen! Mmmm… just what I wanted. 


The heavens opened while we were out and everything got drenched.  But it was cleared up when we got back to the trailer, so while Scot was getting the computer hooked up I took Bitty and took a long walk down by the river.  While I was there, one of the many birds here landed and took great pleasure in cleaning up the bits of fish some fisherman had left while cleaning his catch. 


Me in my inexperience photography mode happily snapped pictures of the poor thing while chatting on the phone with my sister; something that has become quite a habit for me when I’m walking the dog by myself.  Anyway, I’m chatting along with her telling her all about the great wildlife we see here including the awesome birds and the cutest armadillo I saw today when for whatever reason I panned with the camera out on the river… I think what I said next will probably be the talk around the couple’s on the docks table for a month or so.  “HOLY SHIT!”  Yeppers.. that was me as my camera lens caught the huge alligator that was floating in the water about 7 feet away from where I was standing… Needless to say the couple on the dock was rapidly joined by Bitty and me.  I still get all heepy jeepy when I think about it. 


From now on I’ll be paying better attention to what is around me… in the meantime.. enjoy the pics! 

HOLY SHIT!  Alligator
HOLY SHIT! Alligator
Algae Eater in the Wild!
Algae Eater in the Wild!

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