Camping – Wednesday 22

Let’s talking camping…there are all sorts of it, but for our purposes let’s just talking trailer and RV camping; kind of taking your home with you type camping, but not so much how that you can have all the clutter that normally complicates your life!  I love this kind of camping.. we are getting away from all the to dos in our normal life, but still have a space to call our own. 


Artists if you do out of state shows, you might want to consider some type of camper if your art lens itself to it.  Despite the fact we have some larger sculpture, we managed to fit in all in to our truck with some overflow in the camper.  It feels so great to come back from a show and have our own space.  No more hauling suitcases to hotel rooms or searching out a place to grab chow after working a 10 hour day.. it’s all here. 


I’m not saying it doesn’t come with it’s own set of woes.. something breaking while on the road, figuring out what appliances you can run at the same time and don’t’ kill the generator or just the general getting to know your camper and love it’s little hiccups. 


Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some of the cool things we have discovered that work well in a small space.. 

  1. Get yourself a couple of small crock pots.  These work great for cooking things while you are out at a show all day or playing at the beach some where.  I recommend two instead of one so you can do different things in each one.  Like cook a pot roast in one and cook some vegetables in the other.  It doesn’t make to big of a meal and best of all they don’t take as much space to store.
  2. Find some mesh storage bags, you know the kind with the many different pockets like the over the closet shoe holders.  Mesh seems to work best, because you can use it anywhere.  I recommend using those non-damage hooks and hanging on in your shower.  It will hold your shampoo and stuff even when you are traveling down the road.  On the door of a closet is a good place for another.  Be creative!
  3. Find some containers that fit in your cupboards.  We all have to admit that camper cupboards offer some unique space considerations.  Don’t look at it as you have to fit your stuff in that space, but rather how you can break the space up to make it usable.  For instance, the cupboards over the bed offer a lot of space, but unless you can stack things or have tall things forget using the top half.  We found plastic containers that our nesting open storage boxes, now we can roll our socks, tanks and underwear up in them using the total space.
  4. Two neat tricks we learned from the campers previous owners:

Take a plastic over the door shoe holder and cut it into strips.  Each strip is one row, Velcro or staple them along the bottom of your bed.  Useable space becomes a place to hold your shoes.

If you have pantry cupboards like the ones we use to have with lot of space for tall things, but you just need more space for cans.  Cut pieces of wood that make shelf across and use smaller pieces that fit along the inside wall space to brace them.  Don’t forget to add a thin strip of wood in front to create a lip over cans will come jumping out at you every time you travel.  

  1. Put your TV on a fold out/pivoting bracket.  It stored easily and is out of your way when you are using it.
  2. Build an undercarriage storage.  We use ours to storage our sewer tote and blocks to put under the wheels.  Built a metal frame in front of the tires. 
  3. Put of box on the back of the traveler.  You will have to reinforce your structure, but you can add a large tool box on the back and use it to hold a generator or two, plus blocks, gasoline and more.  This will free your garage for extra inventory. 
  4. If you have an open space that they should have put a cupboard door on and you can’t find a door that fits, go to your hardware store and gets some fancy decorative trim that is taller and put it across.  Then put some nonskid stuff done and use it to store those crock pots and your coffee pot and more. 
  5. Above all.. BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!  Remember this is a vacation. 


Campers are some of the friendliest and strangest people you’ll ever meet.  It never ceases to amaze me when we go to a campground at some of the decorations that have put out.  Looking at their campgrounds I can’t help but wonder if they had to bring a separate trailer just to bring the decorations. There seems to be some sort of contest going on that but I haven’t figured out the rules.  

Yet, some of their creations are just amazing.  For instance we ran into a Dog Taxi the other night while walking.. Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean… Wow!ImageImage


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