The Art of Allowing.. Thursday 23

I must truly be on vacation, because the last two days are a blur of nothing but relaxing.  Walking the dog, talking with neighbors, sleeping, eating and moments of nothingness that leave a smile on my face and a hope that I might catch up on relaxation after too many years of stress. 


Next week, we are truly going to have to be a little bit more productive, if we want to metal detect on the beach (it requires a car trip) and if I’m going to get some design work done while I’m here.  But I’m not going to stress, just accept that it’s ok to relax. 


I told myself that I was going to work on the art of allowing here.  What’s that you say?  Just stop fighting so hard to make things happen and trust that they will happen if I ask for them and gently set up the parts that are within my control so they are in a row.  I’m finding out there isn’t really all that much in my control, so mostly it’s trusting that things will work out if I open myself to them. 


If nothing else, it is certainly less stressful then trying to control everything around me. 


Tomorrow we pack up and head to downtown Venice for a show.  So the test of allowing begins as we want to it to be the best possible show and we are setting up so it can be that way… but there are so many factors we do not control at the show.  So trusting it will all be for the best if we allow it to be so… Ugh!  Sometimes this whole thing doesn’t feel very relaxing at all! 


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