Do you have a twin? Monday 27

Crazy weekend with the Venice Arts and Craft Festival, set up was 5:30am on Sat. It was more craft than art and though we had a lot of admiration for our work, sales were few and far between for us. Some artists did great, some did ok and some like us did little. The set up and break down were relatively easy and one of the organizers, Elaine came by introduced herself and brought snacks both days. That is always appreciated. The weather was good on Saturday, but despite the weather predication of only a 20% chance of rain after 3, we had showers on and off all day. Meant a wet break down, so we had to dry out the tent today. Ugh, one of my least favorite activities.

The show was what it was and we both agree, it wasn’t really the venue for us. So we will try something else next time. But now the weekend is over and we are on vacation. Definitely a lifestyle I could get use too.

Before I completely leave the weekend behind, I want to talk twins with you all. You know when we see someone is almost a twin of someone you know… maybe a younger or older twin or a chubbier or skinnier… that twin.

Well I got news for you all… the majority of your twins are here in Florida attending art shows in Venice. Was just a little freaky. I’ve been lots of places and met many people, but I have never seen so many twins in one place in my entire life. They say there are only so many DNA combinations, so at some point you are bound to repeat a combination that is close. Do you think it is true? If it is.. the doubles are vacationing here. To freaky!!

Today was nice. Scot and I are finally embracing the idea of being on vacation. We slept in, took Bitty on a long walk and then I went with a neighbor, Rhonda to yoga class. Rhonda and her husband, Larry are from KY too. Interesting, we are right next to our fellow Kentuckians. Anyway, we enjoyed an hour and a half of stretching and relaxation, something my back and body really needed. This park has tons of activities. It’s one of the biggest reasons people come here. If they had shopping, you’d never have to leave the park. Exercise classes, computer club, wood shop, stained glass, and to many more to name, like being a resort, but having your own place to stay. Nice or Freaky… not sure on that one?

After yoga, we went out to lunch. Something we don’t do very much since we can cook in the trailer. Then we walked the beach and after awhile, Scot dug out his metal detector and spent an hour or so combing the beach for that ten carat diamond ring. I’m sorry to report he didn’t find it. But there is always tomorrow…

Then it was back to the Artship, an evening walk and a dinner complete with reading. We are such an old couple. What do you want to do tonight? I don’t know.. maybe we could fix some chow and read across the table from each other… Yeppers.. another exciting day on vacation.


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