Rain days and Mondays always get me down.. Friday 31

Rain, rain go away! Come again some other day.. like in a couple weeks when we are out of here!  UGH!  I know I shouldn’t complain at least it is relatively warm, but we need sunshine for good art shows and we are getting rain.  Rained on Sunday at the last art show.. so we have to try and figure out how to dry the tent sides on Monday.   I am so glad we doing have to worry about our product. 


I do worry about my dog though Bitty.. he is terrified of heavy rains and thunder.  Both of what we are getting now.  The forecast says 20% chance… nothing about pouring thunderstorms.  Ugh!  Can I just bargain with the heavens.. good weather on the weekends and you can do some crap during the week? But no, I want it all.. it is my one and only vacation in the last fifteen years or so.. COME ON!


Ok, I’m done with the rant.. just had to get it all out.  I feel better now.  Deep yoga breathes.. Breath in and out… in and out..  Hack, hack cough cough.. so much for that..


Life came crashing into our vaca this week in the form of FASFA.  The whole relax and enjoy ourselves came to a halt as we scrambled to get the estimate done of the taxes so we could get the FASFA in for our kids before the end of the priority deadline.  Makes me crazy every year.. but thanks to Scot it’s end for the most part. 


The show this weekend is on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  In a town called Hobe Sound.  It is near Jupiter.  It is our first Howard Alan fine art show.  We’ve heard great things about the show and the organizers do a lot of different shows around the US.  We will do this one this weekend and than one on the Gulf Side at Coconut Point which is near Ft. Meyers area.  We are thinking of seeing if we can find a campground at Ft. Meyers Beach for the few days between shows, though we will be at Johnathan Dickson State Park close to here on Monday and possible Sunday night.


We drove across the state today.. lots of cattle and sod ranches and bunches of orange groves.  And pretty much nothing else.   Was strange to see.. wide open spaces.   Guess I was expecting heavier population in all of lower Florida.  To much TV where all you see is Miami! 


Anyway, it wasn’t that.. going to cross my fingers toes and everything else and hope for a fantastic weekend with huge sales.. and lots of space when we leave here.  



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