Dreaming of warm beaches..

Holy Monkey Balls.. it’s cold!


Whose bright eye idea was it to come back home in February?   You sure we can’t wait until March or April?


I know that it’s unseasonably cold.. but did it really have to be this year when I would notice because I had been somewhere warm?


We drove to Tifton.. storm is suppose to be coming through Atlanta area.  We had planned on Macon, but the warning area extended, so we stopped in Tifton. 


Tifton has two RV parks right off I-75. We are at one… convenient location.  But does it really have to be wet, rainy and 37?  Yuck!  Super yuck… at least there is WFI, so we can track the storm.  Guess we will hunker down with a good book and wait to see what tomorrow brings… 

Dreams of warm sandy beaches no doubt!

Dreaming of sandy beaches
Dreaming of sandy beaches


The beginning of the end

Ah, ocean..
Ah, ocean..

Today began and ended my vacation, because it is the last day before we start traveling into weather to make our way home.. our last day in Florida and the first day I felt totally like I was on vacation.


No upcoming art shows, no stress about will people not only admire our work, but also buy it.  No nothing.. today after waking up and getting ready we drove into the small gulf town of Cedar Keys.  It’s just a beach town.. lots of condos and B&B type places and several restaurants and a few shops. 


Today after a nice walk on the beach with the dog, I left Scot metal detecting on the same beach while I went downtown if there is such a place in small towns and played tourist looking for a few items to take home to the kids.  Cedar Keys has a couple of art galleries, you know the great kind with several local artists displaying their work.. some really nice and affordable pieces.  They also have an art show in mid April that sounds really cool.  Like so many times when I see local art, I wish I was wealthier.  I would so buy things just to support local artists. Having been one now for awhile, I truly understand how much a sale can make the difference.  One particular shop was filled with tie-dyed shirts and dyed silks, painting, leather dog leashes and collars and so much more.  What a treasure trove. 


After picking up a few items for the children, I went back to the small beach they have here.. really a park with a man made beach attached.  While Scot hunted for buried treasure.. sinkers and coins, Bitty and I stretched out under a tree.   I for the first time in this vacation, felt like I was on vacation.. I suppose maybe that typical of me.. waiting until the last moment to truly relax.  But relax I did. After Scot exhausted the beach for treasures we went over to one of the local restaurants, several of them are dog friendly if you eat on the decks… and finally I got my gator bites and Scot got his oysters..  Sometimes life is just perfect.   Tomorrow is soon enough to worry about the storm that suppose to hit right in the path of our travels… today is my vacation. 

flying home..
flying home..

Sometimes time doesn’t really matter at all..

Today has just been one of those days.. you know, the one that make you wished you had just stayed in bed with the covers over your head.
It dawned bright and warm, perfect day. I thought that as I got up and walked the Bitty. Perfect day to be on vacation in Florida. It doesn’t matter if the art show yesterday failed to meet our expectations and doubts of whether or not someone liked our work or why that person didn’t buy the piece they claimed to love… it just didn’t matter because we were on vacation again! The tear down and leaving of the campground went well.
Good campground.. was close to the show, so we were able to base out of there and have air conditioning at night.
Anyway.. we started the day good. Stopped at Fort Meyers at Camping World. Got some breakfast at Bob Evans.. and felt like we were making good progress. Figured we would be at the campground in Cedar Keys around 4.
Never count your chickens before they hatch… because about an hour later the right back tired blew… we discovered we forgot the lug wrench. Seriously? Yep there is always something.. Thank heavens we have Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance. It only to about an hour and a half to get help.. thank goodness we had a jack because the repair guy showed up with a small 2 1/2 ton one and thought it would work. Sometimes I wonder..
Stopped at an RV place in Venice where we had ordered parts for the awning when we were there 3 weeks ago, but due to the yuck weather up north didn’t come in until a week ago. They gave us the name of a tire place on our way that we stopped at and got the tire repaired, put back on and tucked the spare back under the camper in the holder Scot made. So now 3 1/2 hours behind schedule we took off down the road thinking all way good.. until we hit Tampa traffic and construction. At some point, I think you just give up.. give in.. and acknowledge that time is against you. I’m just happy we weren’t on any hard time schedule.. no show to be at and no have-toos… Because we are on vacation again. As we pulled into the campground in Cedar Keys at 7:49pm.. I’m laid back and relax.. because in reality time really didn’t matter at all.

Images of Home..

While we’ve been down here sweating in the sun doing art shows.  Our children have been in KY taking care of our animals and freezing in the snow and ice that has plagued the area this year.  Part of me feels majorly guilty leaving them to deal with all this and part of me is relieved not to be dealing with it myself. 

Anyway, now that we are on the tail end of our trip, my thoughts turn more to home and everything that is there.  My youngest calls us yesterday to say it’s been to long and we should come see her at college as soon as we get back.. and my oldest sending us pictures of the heated water bowl on the porch as she discovered the reason it is always dirty.


I guess I’m missing home too.  Oh not all the nasty weather or the chaos that is to much of my life, but home.. the kids, the animals, the friends.. just home. 

Maybe next year we will be longer in Florida if we come down, but right now, I think I’m ready to go hug my kids, pet my horse and cuddle my cats… sometimes an image puts everything in to perspective. 

At the beach..

Everyone should get some time at the beach just digging your toes into the sand and feel the tension draining away. I’m not a beach lover.. so I can’t stay on the beach for indefinite periods of time. Truthfully I get bored if I’m just laying on the beach.. I’ve never understood how anyone can sunbath for hours. Give me about 30 minutes and I’m antsy. Got to move or do something.. play in the water, something anything!
But I still think everyone should have a little beach time.. it kind of resets your soul. Like going to the mountains and soaking your feet in a cool stream…just puts it all into perspective.
Scot likes to metal detect.. he can spend hours doing it. I like to do it too.. but an hour is more than enough for me. I just get bored, even if I’m finding stuff. After the 15th bottle top or 10th penny, I’m ready to do something else.
Maybe I have ADD or something….just a short attention span. Except when it comes to writing I swear I could spend 24 hours a day writing. My sis says this is because I’m always changing the scene. I guess she must be right.
Still I enjoyed the bit of beach time we had and feel like my soul is reset a bit. Still not ready to go back to the ice and snow, but maybe more capable than I was yesterday.
One more show tomorrow.. Coconut Point Art Festival Sat and Sun. Then we have to figure out how to get home — IE how far north can we go before we have to winterize the camper… hmmm… Makes me just want to go back to the beach

The Tale of Two Campgrounds…..

Today I want to talk campgrounds, I am by no means an expert on campgrounds.  But we have been at a few now and find that I’m at a loss to understand the preferences of some campers.  


We stayed at Jonathan Dickerson State Park over in Hobe Sound.  The actual park is a bit stark, palms, sand and short scrubs.  No real shade, but I can deal with that.. we had electricity so the air-conditioning is just a camper away from the biking/walking trail.  These kind of camping I understand.. communing with nature, taking an hour or so long bike ride or just walking the trails watching the bald eagles and scrub jay or other assorted creatures in their natural habit.  The parking spaces were huge, each place had a picnic table and plenty of room to spread.  Plus shower and bathroom facilities if you are so inclined to use theirs and not your own.  I could have stayed here at least long enough to exhaust the trails… true relaxing..


After that we went to a campground on the West Coast in Naples.  Spent a couple days here.  I felt like I was in a can of sardines.  They pack them in so tight that you can almost touch the next camper if you stick your hand out the window. I have to ask, why would anyone want to stay here?  Activities.. that’s it.   You remember the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ and the resort that the family stayed at.. with all those activities.  I thought that was a thing of the past, but I guess not.  Talking to some people that come there every year and stay a week or two months or more they love those activities.  I guess I’m just anti-social, but vacation to me is getting away from it all and socializing on my schedule, not every minute of the day.  People tell me that they have so many activities to go to, that they are setting their alarm to get up in the morning and only stopping by their trailer to change clothes.  Say what?  What about going outside the park and seeing the sights… No way…

We drive white knuckle to the park, squeeze into the parking space and never leave the park until it’s time to white knuckle it home!  UGH!  It’s like going to Europe with the military and never going off the base.  To each her own, but I am proud of myself when I didn’t run screaming in the other direction after stumbling on the karaoke contest at the pool… sorry folks, I think your quality of singing requires a few drinks before and something more than a bathing suit to be worn. 

Luckily we escaped the 50’s kick back before the claustrophobia of the sardine camp set in!


So as far as campground go, the more space they have the better.. no more sardinia for me!





Stupid is as Stupid Does

Ok, extra blog on the thought we saw on someone’s t-shirt this weekend..  “I stopped asking people, “Can you be any more stupid?”  Some people are taking it as a challenge.


I totally get this.  You’ve probably met people like this.. someone who does something so incredibly stupid that you are just standing there with your mouth hanging open not even sure what to say. 


We meet them all the time.. I met a few of them at the show this weekend.  You know, the people who I swear must either spend hours thinking of ways they can insult artists or maybe just they are blessed with the gift of you-should-have-been-born-with-a-lock on your mouth to keep stupid comments from coming out of it. 


I really really try to be patient with people. I know that knowledge is power and that some people aren’t knowledgeable on different kinds of art, but that really doesn’t excuse rudeness. 


Question 1: Do you not think it might be insulting and perhaps rude to tell someone who has made something that you could do that or your friend or maybe your cousin Joe Billie Bob?  Please someone explain to me what purpose this serves?


Question 2:  Why would you argue with an artist who makes their own stuff that they do not know what it is made out of?  If I bought stainless steel to make something.. do you think it is made out of stainless or tin?  Say what?


Question 3: Why oh why do are some people allowed out of the house?  I know exactly every hour, moment and Ibprofen I had to take while hand-hammering that sculpture out! I understand that you may not understand that it took me hours and a few designs that never made it out of the shop before I figured out how to shape that 3-D sculpture that looks like a real animal.  So please don’t insult me by telling me it’s just a piece of metal… it’s like saying Michelangelo’s painting are just paint and canvas. 


I’m not saying I’m like Michelangelo, but really people..think before you open your mouth.  You do not have to be insulting to be cute or clever, you do not have to try and bond with an artist by saying you could do the same thing, and you do not have to take the question “How stupid can you be?” as a challenge.   You can just look and enjoy the art, maybe take a few ideas home with you and if you can create art of your own.  We won’t care if you spring-board off our ideas.. More art in this world the better!   I’m just saying…