Monday Feb 3

Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts kind of a mix bag- high end art with some crafts right down to the carnival stuff for the kids.  A lot of artists set up Friday night despite the paperwork saying set up if 5:30 am.  I would wager at least 70% were set up on Friday, but I don’t think the show provides security that night.  We decided to set up in the AM because Friday about 4 the heavens opened and that 20% chance of rain became a deluge that lasted past dark.  So after a night of little sleep on my part, we were up at 4 am and drove down to get in line at 4:30.. but guess what, no line because the majority of artists fought the rain and set up!  So yippee!  Set up went quick and we went back to the camper and got a shower. 


I love having a camper.. we set up at this early morning shows and come back, clean up and go to the show fresh.  Sweet!  I just love having our own space.  We can take my dog with us, so I’m not worried about him while we are gone so long.  No phone calls, talking to him assuring him we are coming back and that I love him.. yada-yada.  But I need a doggie stroller for him, most of the shows have places that you can sit behind your booth.  It would be so convenient to be able to place him in a stroller and no worries.  He can see us and still relax, no problem with him being to hot in the camper or worrying that he needs to walk.  Yep I definitely need a dog stroller. 


Anyway, back to the show.  Sales were slow for everyone, but the crowd was solid both days.  People just weren’t buying much.  If you do this show with an RV, you can park two different places.  One is a long a street, the other is the Boys and Girls club.   I would recommend that, it’s not quite as close, but within walking or biking distance (½ mile) and huge parking lot, there were only about 4 RV/Campers in it.  So great spot.  The weather was beautiful and it was a gorgeous weekend. 


We set an appointment on Monday to go out to a potential clients home and set up a heron to see if it would work in a spot.  So we ask the Win-Dixie if we could stay overnight in their lot.  They were generous and said no problem.  Anyway, we crashed after a long weekend.


Monday after some dinking and metal detecting  on the beach, we drove to the clients home.  Set up the heron and boy did it pop.  The clients loved it.  Very satisfying when someone has been looking for the perfect work of art for an area for years and it turns out to be one of our pieces.  Made the show an okay show.  Still have to much inventory left, but there is another show coming up.. but for now, it’s back to vacation. 


Little warm today, set up at Jonathan Dickerson State Park for just today and tonight.  Check out is not until 1 tomorrow.  Going to do some clean up and repair one copper wing tip on a heron, so it will be ready for the next show.  And hopefully go on a bike ride.  Lots of trails here.  More stark than the Gulf coast was, but beautiful.  Hopefully see some birds. 













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