Stupid is as Stupid Does

Ok, extra blog on the thought we saw on someone’s t-shirt this weekend..  “I stopped asking people, “Can you be any more stupid?”  Some people are taking it as a challenge.


I totally get this.  You’ve probably met people like this.. someone who does something so incredibly stupid that you are just standing there with your mouth hanging open not even sure what to say. 


We meet them all the time.. I met a few of them at the show this weekend.  You know, the people who I swear must either spend hours thinking of ways they can insult artists or maybe just they are blessed with the gift of you-should-have-been-born-with-a-lock on your mouth to keep stupid comments from coming out of it. 


I really really try to be patient with people. I know that knowledge is power and that some people aren’t knowledgeable on different kinds of art, but that really doesn’t excuse rudeness. 


Question 1: Do you not think it might be insulting and perhaps rude to tell someone who has made something that you could do that or your friend or maybe your cousin Joe Billie Bob?  Please someone explain to me what purpose this serves?


Question 2:  Why would you argue with an artist who makes their own stuff that they do not know what it is made out of?  If I bought stainless steel to make something.. do you think it is made out of stainless or tin?  Say what?


Question 3: Why oh why do are some people allowed out of the house?  I know exactly every hour, moment and Ibprofen I had to take while hand-hammering that sculpture out! I understand that you may not understand that it took me hours and a few designs that never made it out of the shop before I figured out how to shape that 3-D sculpture that looks like a real animal.  So please don’t insult me by telling me it’s just a piece of metal… it’s like saying Michelangelo’s painting are just paint and canvas. 


I’m not saying I’m like Michelangelo, but really people..think before you open your mouth.  You do not have to be insulting to be cute or clever, you do not have to try and bond with an artist by saying you could do the same thing, and you do not have to take the question “How stupid can you be?” as a challenge.   You can just look and enjoy the art, maybe take a few ideas home with you and if you can create art of your own.  We won’t care if you spring-board off our ideas.. More art in this world the better!   I’m just saying…




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