The Tale of Two Campgrounds…..

Today I want to talk campgrounds, I am by no means an expert on campgrounds.  But we have been at a few now and find that I’m at a loss to understand the preferences of some campers.  


We stayed at Jonathan Dickerson State Park over in Hobe Sound.  The actual park is a bit stark, palms, sand and short scrubs.  No real shade, but I can deal with that.. we had electricity so the air-conditioning is just a camper away from the biking/walking trail.  These kind of camping I understand.. communing with nature, taking an hour or so long bike ride or just walking the trails watching the bald eagles and scrub jay or other assorted creatures in their natural habit.  The parking spaces were huge, each place had a picnic table and plenty of room to spread.  Plus shower and bathroom facilities if you are so inclined to use theirs and not your own.  I could have stayed here at least long enough to exhaust the trails… true relaxing..


After that we went to a campground on the West Coast in Naples.  Spent a couple days here.  I felt like I was in a can of sardines.  They pack them in so tight that you can almost touch the next camper if you stick your hand out the window. I have to ask, why would anyone want to stay here?  Activities.. that’s it.   You remember the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ and the resort that the family stayed at.. with all those activities.  I thought that was a thing of the past, but I guess not.  Talking to some people that come there every year and stay a week or two months or more they love those activities.  I guess I’m just anti-social, but vacation to me is getting away from it all and socializing on my schedule, not every minute of the day.  People tell me that they have so many activities to go to, that they are setting their alarm to get up in the morning and only stopping by their trailer to change clothes.  Say what?  What about going outside the park and seeing the sights… No way…

We drive white knuckle to the park, squeeze into the parking space and never leave the park until it’s time to white knuckle it home!  UGH!  It’s like going to Europe with the military and never going off the base.  To each her own, but I am proud of myself when I didn’t run screaming in the other direction after stumbling on the karaoke contest at the pool… sorry folks, I think your quality of singing requires a few drinks before and something more than a bathing suit to be worn. 

Luckily we escaped the 50’s kick back before the claustrophobia of the sardine camp set in!


So as far as campground go, the more space they have the better.. no more sardinia for me!






4 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Campgrounds…..”

  1. Yes, I love camping to get away from the “activities” and actually the people…more so if they are singing in their swimming suits. Blech! I’ll set myself up, sit around the campfire, drink, and just have a relaxing, good time with my friends.

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