At the beach..

Everyone should get some time at the beach just digging your toes into the sand and feel the tension draining away. I’m not a beach lover.. so I can’t stay on the beach for indefinite periods of time. Truthfully I get bored if I’m just laying on the beach.. I’ve never understood how anyone can sunbath for hours. Give me about 30 minutes and I’m antsy. Got to move or do something.. play in the water, something anything!
But I still think everyone should have a little beach time.. it kind of resets your soul. Like going to the mountains and soaking your feet in a cool stream…just puts it all into perspective.
Scot likes to metal detect.. he can spend hours doing it. I like to do it too.. but an hour is more than enough for me. I just get bored, even if I’m finding stuff. After the 15th bottle top or 10th penny, I’m ready to do something else.
Maybe I have ADD or something….just a short attention span. Except when it comes to writing I swear I could spend 24 hours a day writing. My sis says this is because I’m always changing the scene. I guess she must be right.
Still I enjoyed the bit of beach time we had and feel like my soul is reset a bit. Still not ready to go back to the ice and snow, but maybe more capable than I was yesterday.
One more show tomorrow.. Coconut Point Art Festival Sat and Sun. Then we have to figure out how to get home — IE how far north can we go before we have to winterize the camper… hmmm… Makes me just want to go back to the beach


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