Dreaming of warm beaches..

Holy Monkey Balls.. it’s cold!


Whose bright eye idea was it to come back home in February?   You sure we can’t wait until March or April?


I know that it’s unseasonably cold.. but did it really have to be this year when I would notice because I had been somewhere warm?


We drove to Tifton.. storm is suppose to be coming through Atlanta area.  We had planned on Macon, but the warning area extended, so we stopped in Tifton. 


Tifton has two RV parks right off I-75. We are at one… convenient location.  But does it really have to be wet, rainy and 37?  Yuck!  Super yuck… at least there is WFI, so we can track the storm.  Guess we will hunker down with a good book and wait to see what tomorrow brings… 

Dreams of warm sandy beaches no doubt!

Dreaming of sandy beaches
Dreaming of sandy beaches


One thought on “Dreaming of warm beaches..”

    BTW,…. did hubby (or you) find anything interesting while detecting any of those over-detected FL beaches? Be safe.

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