The beginning of the end

Ah, ocean..
Ah, ocean..

Today began and ended my vacation, because it is the last day before we start traveling into weather to make our way home.. our last day in Florida and the first day I felt totally like I was on vacation.


No upcoming art shows, no stress about will people not only admire our work, but also buy it.  No nothing.. today after waking up and getting ready we drove into the small gulf town of Cedar Keys.  It’s just a beach town.. lots of condos and B&B type places and several restaurants and a few shops. 


Today after a nice walk on the beach with the dog, I left Scot metal detecting on the same beach while I went downtown if there is such a place in small towns and played tourist looking for a few items to take home to the kids.  Cedar Keys has a couple of art galleries, you know the great kind with several local artists displaying their work.. some really nice and affordable pieces.  They also have an art show in mid April that sounds really cool.  Like so many times when I see local art, I wish I was wealthier.  I would so buy things just to support local artists. Having been one now for awhile, I truly understand how much a sale can make the difference.  One particular shop was filled with tie-dyed shirts and dyed silks, painting, leather dog leashes and collars and so much more.  What a treasure trove. 


After picking up a few items for the children, I went back to the small beach they have here.. really a park with a man made beach attached.  While Scot hunted for buried treasure.. sinkers and coins, Bitty and I stretched out under a tree.   I for the first time in this vacation, felt like I was on vacation.. I suppose maybe that typical of me.. waiting until the last moment to truly relax.  But relax I did. After Scot exhausted the beach for treasures we went over to one of the local restaurants, several of them are dog friendly if you eat on the decks… and finally I got my gator bites and Scot got his oysters..  Sometimes life is just perfect.   Tomorrow is soon enough to worry about the storm that suppose to hit right in the path of our travels… today is my vacation. 

flying home..
flying home..

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