Another anniversary..

On our way to Florida for art shows this year we ran into some problems.  We left one half of day early (thank heaven) due to some freezing weather coming in and not wanting to empty the water tank we had just filled the day before so we were ahead of schedule.  Figured we would get to Florida the second day by passing the RV place we had planned to stay in right off 75 in Tifton, GA.  Everything was going as planned until we got a little south of Macon, GA.   We were feeling pretty good, discussing what we might want for dinner since it was our 26th anniversary.   Just a hint to anyone thinking about getting married.. don’t do it in December… life is already to busy in December and you will never really get to celebrate without some major planning.  Anyway, just south of Macon we hit heavy traffic… stop and go traffic for about 10 miles.   Just about the time it was starting to clear up.. the smoke starting pouring out from the right front tire.  Good fortune was smiling of us as much as possible, since it happened right by an exit.  The exit just happened to have a garage that could look at it.  I’ll have to say luck was with us again when they allowed my husband, Scot to “look” at the brakes too.   Seems like at 50,000 the front brake pucks on the calipers had sheered in half and gotten stuck. Both front brakes.. so we had no choice to replace them both. I’m going to have to stopped here for a moment and thank our angels that they were with us and influenced the mechanic to allow Scot to help him, because he didn’t have a clue how to replace them right. Though it took an hour longer then it should have and least it is done right. Despite the fact Scot did half the work, we still got charged full price! ; ) So we were back on the road last afternoon. And stopped in Tifton at the I-75 RV park. It’s nothing fancy.. just pull through slots with the basics. It does have laundry, showers and bathrooms. A super nice couple own it and run it. Always nice to stay with them and very convenient from the highway. We ate at the diner across the way.. diner fare. They do breakfast best, everything else is hit or miss. Was kind of a miss this time, though the people are great. Wasn’t the anniversary day we had hope for, still there are worse things.. I always wonder though.. can’t it just be better? I told Scot next year, we should just go on a cruise starting a few days early… he said it’d be our luck it would be the rhino-virus cruise… and you know, he maybe right!


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