St. Augustine –Day 2

We had to move to a different spot in the Indian Forest Campground today, but it work. Easy to get around, plenty of room and nice people. They had normal facilities, but we didn’t use them.
Went to the St. Augustine lighthouse first. It’s my first lighthouse.. I’ve seen pictures but never in person. A despite a healthy fear of heights and a hip tear, I climbed all 219 steps and peeked out on the catwalk. It was incredible.. what a neat place.

St. Augustine Lighthouse
St. Augustine Lighthouse

After visiting the lighthouse, we grabbed lunch at a taco place. Pricey, but good. They didn’t take cards, only cash and that seems crazy with the easy way to take cards.
After lunch we loaded Bitty in his dog stroller and walked the old city. I am so surprised that Bitty made it to Florida with us. His heart condition has gotten a lot worse (hence the stroller) but he is here.
You have got to walk the old town.. it is incredible lots of really cool shops and some tourist junk too. I bought some spices to take home and share with my girls and just window shopped the rest.
After my hip and leg felt like it was going to fall over we got back in the truck and went back to the campground for the night.
I feel pretty pleased with ourselves for playing tourist and hope we can make it a habit. New Year… new us!


2 thoughts on “St. Augustine –Day 2”

  1. Hi Laura. Really enjoying the blog. Keep those posts coming. Have fun and be sure to let us know of any interesting ‘finds’ made with the metal detectors. Saint A’s is truly a place to visit. Hope to go back myself someday. Scaled the lighthouse,… cool for you!

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