New day… confused thoughts….

Well we did our first Art Show… Howard Alan’s Las Olas Part 1.  Though several people did well, we weren’t one of them.  Sometimes I think we should work in abstract… it seems to sell better.  Is it possible that our sculptures are to realistic?  I don’t know.. Art shows like this confuse me.  We get so many compliments and our prices are right inline if not a little bit cheaper then other sculptures, but still it’s a hard sell.  Why?  Something to think about… next weekend is a new location and new show.. different people, different tastes, maybe?


We are staying at the Yacht Haven and Marine RV Park.. I’d recommend it.  Though the spaces in some areas are tight.  We arrived late and the first spot they fit us into was so tight I still can’t believe Scot was able to back into it in the dark.  Amazing backing skills my guy!  But the next day they moved us to a bigger spot and were very helpful.  I never understand why people get snippy with the campground staff… be nice and they are helpful.

We finally managed to get campgrounds booked for our entire stay in Florida.  No small feat, seeing how the entire snowbird nation is here during this time.  But I can relax now knowing we have somewhere to stay.

Taking a down day today.. slept late.  Doing laundry, some clean up around the camper.  And just relaxing.  Need to get some exercise in the pool to see if I can’t build up the hip with the joint tear while I’m here.  But it’s sunny and warm, so should be great.  Thinking a nap might be in order today, because we are on vacation for a few days between shows and I never get naps at home.  Naps are high on my list…

Oh, and we have some strange neighbors here that are free loading under the trailer and begging for food whenever you step out the door… pleasant enough company, but really…

The neighbors..
The neighbors..

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