Sunny Days.. Healing Days?

I’ve been working on some health issues I had before I left.  An acetabular labral tear, which is basically a tear in my left hip joint and damage to my right shoulder from over use.  Both basically caused from being out of shape, over 40 and working at a job that is physically demanding, plus lifting and carrying metal and sculptures that are too heavy for me.  Anyway, after a few weeks of physical therapy, these months are a basically a last ditch effort to avoid surgery.  The good news, the shoulder is building and less painful.. the hip is still up in the air.  But I’m trying to make sure I go swimming every day that I can to exercise it.  Between both sides having to be modified I probably look like some beach beluga whale whose lost a fin.  But hopefully it will help me in the end.

Scot has decided to join me in an effort to get in better shape himself, so we try and go to the pool early in the evening after the pool groupies have left.  Only problem with that is the sun has also left, so it can be a bit brisk… as Scot said today “I used to have balls, now I have earrings.”   And I was thinking it was at least 4 degrees warmer then yesterday.. silly me.

Still with the nice weather we have been having it is pretty awesome to get in the pool.  Hopefully along with a lot of  happy customers, we will leave a few pounds behind when we head back up to the frozen zone in February.

Loggerhead sea turtle glides gently over coral
Loggerhead sea turtle glides gently over coral

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