Little things….

2015 hasn’t started out to be the best year ever, though I suppose it’s not the worst year either.  January is filling up with little things gone wrong..

It started out with two art shows, Las Olas Part 1 and Boca Fest.  Then only good thing I can say about them money wise is we won’t be doing them again.  As we are looking at whether or not it was a wise decision to do Florida art shows this year and whether or not we can somehow make up the money spent from all the jury fees ($25-50 per show), show fees ($225-600) per show and living fees ($40-60 per night) in a campground just discounting all the buying food and living stuff, we get a call from our recently licensed son, his car has quit and won’t start.  After calls to AAA we got it towed to the house and told him to use our old van to get to school.  Problem solved right?

Next school day we get a text he is leaving for school.. 10 minutes later we get a call from him.  Seems it was slick, the fastest and the worst the sheriff deputy has seem it since he’s lived there and Russel slide partly off the road and struck a tree.  Airbags deployed and the van has a huge dent into right in the middle of the front.  Totaled!

Now I know it’s just small shit.. the little things.  Having dealt with major things, I truly understand.  Russel is okay, that’s the important thing.  But I also understand Russel now has no ride to school.   And thanks to the school cancelling one of his classes he now has a split schedule with day and evening classes…

A good friend of mine took Russel to doctor, so we have confirmation that though bruise and shaken he is fine.  The same friend looked over the his car and thinks it the fuel pump, but having thought that before with this car we are unsure as last time it ended up the computer after we had replaced the fuel pump.

So we are up to costly art shows, out two cars, one banged up son when my oldest texts.  Her girlfriend is in the hospital.. so between trying to run things at our place, she’s trying to help out there.

Scot and I are at a junction now… what to do?  Do we dump all the shows fees that we’ve already paid… $2000+ there, the campground fees that they will charge for canceling and just bag all the hope of earning so money selling art and go home?

Or what?

Do we go back or forward?  Up or down?
Do we go back or forward? Up or down?

I know it’s just small stuff.. but small broken pieces are what make entire towers crumble to the ground and the strongest person fall to there knees and beg.  Sometimes I don’t think it’s the large heart wrenching moments that break you.. it’s the small every day occurrences that chip away at your resolve and strength little by little until you break… Just like the small good occurrences allow you to hang on a little longer…

Today we are just left wondering how to solve problems a 1000 miles away… and hoping that it’s done for now!


2 thoughts on “Little things….”

  1. Hi Laura, Just red your post. Not sure how I can help, but call me on my cell 941-228-8989 if you have any ideas. I’m booked tomorrow (Monday the 19th) and have a VA appointment the 20th (Tony’s taking me as I can’t drive afterwards), but pretty free after that. Let me know.

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