MacDill AFB camping

We are at MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa. They have a campground here for any of you retired military or active duty. Also DOD can use it, but only the dry camp part from what we’ve heard.

They have the full hook up section, which is harder then hard to get a reservation for. You can book ahead for I think a month at a time and pay for it in advance. All lesser times are booked 14 days out. Call at 10 am if you want to even hope getting a spot during high season. They do have a dry camp area, which is where we are. They allow people to stay 14 days in full hook up, then they must leave and go to the dry camp area. From they there go to the bottom of the list and start waiting for a spot to open up. Right now they are saying five day waiting list.

However they have bathhouses, laundry and are right near the beach. Dry camp is $10 a night, full service $15-20 depending on time of the year.. so we can deal with it. Sure between the $60 elsewhere this time of year.

We stayed in dry camp until Saturday, then moved to full hookup.  love having full hookup.

MacDill sunset
MacDill sunset

Note:  Today Scot and I went to Seascapes.  It’s a restaurant located right in the marina/campground area for lunch.  If you stay here.. don’t bother.  You order your food at a counter and pick it up when your pager goes off.  That’s okay.  But I ordered a Grilled Salmon Caribbean Salad ( grilled salmon over a field of mixed greens with sweet potatoes and jicama  slices served with orange-pineapple vinaigrette) $7.99.  What I got was a salad about the size of a side salad  with a small piece of salmon, romaine lettuce, a couple cucumber slices, and four small tomato slices served with balsamic vinaigrette.   Scot’s three decker club sandwich.. one layer sandwich with pathetic filling!  $7.49

A camper said they do a pound of crab or shrimp on Friday nights.. but after today’s experience I wonder if it’s really a pound maybe a 1/4 lb.   UGH!


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