Keys Baby, Keys

We are in the Keys. It’s beautiful. I’m thinking that we could move here for the rest of our lives. I’m sure that it’s hot and muggy at some point and of course, you have to deal with hurricane season, but still I am impressed.

We are staying at the Knights Key RV resort in Marathon. Spaces have plenty of room. Electric and Water, but no sewer. They do have a dump station or if you don’t want to do it yourself you can pay them $10 and they will come suck your tanks out. We are right next to the bath houses, so we are just showering there and being frugal with the water.

They have a restaurant Iguana Bar & Grill and a Tiki Bar on site. We’ve only eaten breakfast, but it’s reasonable. Cash only. They have a small deep water beach. Activities, but not overly so.

The RV resort is on the edge of Marathon right before the 7 mile bridge. It is an easy bike ride to Marathon with restaurants, groceries, and about everything else. There is an Air Museum, Turtle Hospital and a Nature Area.

In the mornings and evenings you can watch the pelicans dive for fish in the harbor and sheltered water by the beach. It’s amazing how graceful those birds are in the air.

Yesterday we biked to the Community Park where the annual Pigeon Key Art Festival will be held. About 2-3 miles up the road.

Saw a huge iguana on the ride. Must have been 5 feet long. Real beauty.

Beautiful Baby
Beautiful Baby

Today we went metal detecting at Sombrero Bench. It was sprinkling so we had the beach almost all to ourselves. Glorious. Wish I’d had my snorkel gear, the water was perfect. After an enjoyable time., we left and got some chow at the Conch Cafe.

I’ve never had Conch. Scot says the taste reminds him of sea cucumbers. I had conch chowder, he had fried conch. It was good, but not incredible. But still something I wanted to try. For dessert we had a slice of Key Lime Pie.

I’ve had Key Lime before.. and even though it makes total sense, it never occurred to me that it originate in the Keys…

Made me wonder what makes total sense and is obvious… but never occurred to you either?

Pelican at Knights Key
Pelican at Knights Key