How do I respond to that?

At our last show in Florida, Artigras, we had some extra time to chat with fellow artists.  The conversation eventually lead to crazy things people say to you at an art show.  The artist we were talking with was an outstanding wildlife artist specializing in under water pictures of the sea life.

Anyhow.. here are our top picks of the things people say to us and how we want to respond even if we don’t…

#1 Q: ” Were you in the water when you took the picture?”  (picture of underwater scene)

A: “No, I put a GoPro on a stick!”

#2 Q: ” Is that a fresh water sea turtle or a salt water sea turtle?”

A:  Do you think sea turtle is spelled with a C or what?”

#3 Q: “How do you get the manatee to jump out of the water for the picture?”

A: “You jump in and scare them!”

But the favorite crazy thing said to us at the show was from a volunteer.  My husband asked her why we had to wait for the concessions to move out before we got to bring in our vehicles to break down and move out.

“It’s because they do this for a living.”

I’m sure there is a productive way to respond to this.. my husband was gracious when he said “do you see anything wrong with what you just said?”  And when the person said, “huh?”  He just said, “I can’t explain if you don’t.” And left it at that… I’m afraid I might have spilled a few less kind words at that point, so glad I wasn’t there.

All in all, the show was ok.  Sales seems were down as a whole, but it was still a pleasant show.  Wonderful lunch, breakfast and snacks provided.  Bathroom facilities and helpful volunteers.  Big show though.. lots of artists from all ends of the spectrum.

RV dry camp is provided at the show.  Very nice, though we ended up staying at the Lion Country Safari KOA camp.

Lion Country Safari was a nice place.  Great facilities.  Everything wonderful.. except one small thing.  They had a recorded tape that ran all hours of lions and other jungle beasts making noise.  It was poorly amplified, so at 3 am you would get a chorus of what I can only describe as drunk wild breasts hollering.. and again at 5 am and again through out the day.  So despite everything else being nice, we will pass next time..



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