So we’ve bit the big bullet and upgraded our pull behind camper for a motorhome. It’s a 39 ft diesel pusher- Dutch Start by Newmar. In the class of motorhome, it’s one of the smaller ones, but after 27ft camper it seems huge and luxurious. It’s an older couch. A 2001 that an older couple had bought brand new thirteen years ago and lived in full time. We almost didn’t look at it, because of the live in part. Thinking it would have a lot of wear and tear on it, but this couple was immaculate. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place as clean as this one was.. and organized. Wow.


Anyway.. we bought it. Have done a couple short jaunts in it just to check it out. I feel spoiled! Very spoiled. Sometimes I just come out at night and watch a movie in the motorhome just because it makes me feel so spoiled. Guess I’m easy… but as my husband, Scot says it’s like going from a Motel 8 (previous camper) to the Sheraton.

Today we arrived at the KOA campground in Bellefonte. Seems nice. We arrived a day early and decided to leave a day early and they just moved our reservation. Easy Peasy. Spaces have a little bit of room with them. Campground looks well maintain and roads are graveled and nice.

We are here for our first try at an art show that is held close by in State College at Central Pennsylvania
University. Major art show- Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts… we will see how good it is for us. It’s a four day show: Wednesday set up, followed by Thursday-Sunday show days. Long hours 10-8 Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 on Sunday. So we hope it will be profitable and fun or it’s going to seem like an eternity.

Latest Bird... Bald Eagle
Latest Bird… Bald Eagle


But we will be crashed out comfortably at night in our “new” motorhome.

I call him Moses. Why? Because we live in the country down this barely one lane road. When we drive on it, it is like the “seas” part when we meet another vehicle. Doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is.. they get off the road. Heck, the UPS guy even backed down the road and pulled into a driveway to get out of our way. Makes me feel some sort of powerful when we are driving in it. Well, that and a little bit scared.. when I’m in the passenger seat it’s like there is nothing in front of me except the front window…. wide open spaces. Makes a great view and yet a little bit scary sometimes..


But we are on to a new adventure.. a new adventure in spoiling!