Key West… was that a rooster?

I’m feeling blessed. Seems we were misinformed last year when we asked about staying at the Navy Base in the RV camping area. We were told that you had to rotate in and out of wet camping, but not that once you got in to camping you could stay forever. We originally planned on staying on base for two weeks, but when we came here a couple weeks ago they were totally filled. Seems that everyone has taken advantage of cheaper fuel and came all the way down to Key West for the winter, so we ended up back up in Marathon at Knight’s Key. They are still open, but only until December as far as they know. It’s nice and familiar, plus Marathon has a great Greek place – La Mediterranne. We had arranged to camp at the RV parking at the Key West Craft Festival, but were going to leave the RV at the base during set up since we couldn’t park until after 5. We decided to check just in case someone had checked out as it had rained the day before and sometimes that motivates people to leave. Miracles of miracles… they had one spot for our size rig! Sweet! We will be in dry camping the whole time we are head, because it’s taking about 6 weeks to rotate through right now… but the price is $14 instead of the cheapest we could find of $85. So Sweet.20160130_085634

Now let’s talk Key West… every time we come down here I find another reason I like this place… This time it’s chickens.   Yes, you know that funny bird that either crows at all hours of the day and night or lays an egg. Well apparently at some point cock fighting became illegal, so between that and people just letting their chickens out Key West has it’s own little flock running loose every where.. I do mean everywhere. Me, I like chickens.. so I’m enjoying cackling at them as we travel down the street or listen to the rooster that inhabits the campground crow.. even if it is 3 in the morning. Me.. as an old farm girl, finds it comforting. And these chickens, they are 20160130_085550protected birds.. there is a fine of $500 if you kill one. That makes me chuckle…. Okay I laughed out loud when I heard it. But apparently it’s true. Makes me want to stay longer and see what else I like about the area.



5 thoughts on “Key West… was that a rooster?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Key West is fabulous and sunsets are awesome. I had a question, can you reserve those set camping spots? We wanted to go there this year, rates were ridiculous per week. So glad to hear of something reasonable. Dry camping there, you can still dump and get water when you need it? How are you managing power?

    1. Yes, they have dumps and water available, just not at your site. You can run generates from 7am to 11pm only. So if you have something that requires electricity at night, plan ahead. Most of the people around us, us included are using the little Honda EU 2000I. Some are using on board generators, but they use more fuel. You can’t reserve a site unless you are active duty military. With retired military it’s first come, first serve. You have to have a valid military ID to use the facility. And your rig has to have a valid registration and insurance. People have said that you can pretty much get a site as long as it’s not in high season (mid-November-March). They do a rotation here between full hook up and dry camping. If you get a space in high time, it will probably six weeks or more before you get into full hook up. When we checked in we were about #200 on the rotation list. You spend 14 days of full hook ups when you get in. If you came in off season you might be in full hook up the whole time. Hope this helps. It is a good campground and so much nicer on the pocketbook.

  2. Maybe one of those chickens was a cousin to Nugget…. So glad things are working in your favor this year… I have got to go there someday.

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