Key West- Sun and Wind

Today was a lazy day in paradise.. Got up this morning and moved the RV to dump the grey tank.  I wish we could figure out a way to hook the grey tank to a black, because the grey  tank fills up to fast and our black doesn’t.  Since we have a 105 fresh water tank and a 60 grey and 40 black we could go a long time without anything if we could put some of the grey water into the black.  Something to think about.  That aside, I love being on the base.  We take the truck and drive to one of the bases closer to town and ride the bikes from there.  Today we went to the Truman Annex (next door to Fort Zachary- which is home to a nice bench that the locals like) to drop off a repair manual for the generator with a fellow RV-er who is having trouble with his and has the same type.  Hopefully it will help him.  Scot then spent the morning metal detecting the little beach there.. while I searched for that treasure that might have washed up on the shore.  Needless to say neither one of us got much more then a little to much sun.  Still it was perfect weather with a cool wind blowing and a sun shining.. so very enjoyable.

Beach at Truman Annex… no treasure, but what a view!

Found there we went downtown on bikes looking for some grub.  Wanted to try for some great seafood, checked out a few places.  Was hoping to go to Keyviche, but they were closed until 6, so ended up at Gran’s.  I had the grilled tuna salad (which was more of a seared tuna salad.  Had a nice flavor, but don’t think I’d get it again.  Scot had a blacked snapper sandwich (which I would order if we went there again, though I would prefer it as a salad instead) it was delicious.   Pricey as most of Key West is on food.  Lunch with two meals and one tea, one water $46 and change.

Goats used to keep down weeds on the part of Fort Zachary not opened to public.

Makes me wonder how much people spend if they are down here for vacation.. Hotels are probably $150 a night or so… plus meals.. Yikes.  Still it is hard to argue or be upset over it when you are at the beach.

I will say if you do come here.. bring or rent a bike.  It’s the only way to travel in the city.  Parking spaces are hard to come by and pricey.  The cheapest parking garage we’ve seen is $2 an hour or $13 a day… that would add up fast if you were doing it daily.

If you are retired military or active duty, make sure you check out the ITT at the MWR.  They had bike rentals and cheaper priced tickets for several tourist attractions.. including some of the diving and snorkeling trips.


2 thoughts on “Key West- Sun and Wind”

  1. What a shame you’re stuck down south with that horrible hot weather, while we have a stimulating 36 degrees here and snow expected next week! HURRY HOME!

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