White-knuckling It

Well, we are headed home. I love most of the RV lifestyle.. wish we could do it full time at this point. But there are a couple things I don’t like about riding in an RV. One of them we have been hitting since we started on our way back from the Keys Sunday night… Wind! I hate driving or in my case riding in a RV in a heavy wind. The wind we’ve been dealing with have been hitting out front left corner gusting continually.

I was hoping that we would leave it down in the Keys after giving the arm rests until my knuckles turned white as we went over the many bridges of the Keys. Gusts hitting the coach making it feel as though it’s going to blow us right into the ocean. The sky’s pitch black with no stars or moon… only darkness after the tiny guardrails.. Can a coach tip over? I know it can.. but hope we never experience it or see it in person.

We stopped for the night at a service plaza after we made it through Miami.. something that is always better late at night or day time traffic. I went to bed with the prayers that the wind would be gone in the morning… alas no such luck and we are still dealing with it all the way through Georgia, maybe Tennessee which is coming up before to long will be better…

Right now, the wind has picked up and we are getting the snow flurries that the information signs keep warning us about.. granted it’s the Georgia snow flurries and not what this Colorado girl would call flurries… but still when I stepped out of the coach to stop at Sonny’s BBQ for lunch, part of me wonders why the hell we are going North instead of staying down South.

Georgia Snow
Georgia Snow

Oh yeah… money… I remember know we are going home to work in the shop and make some money. I think it’s time to find a way to make money that includes a warmer climate… and less traveling on windy days… But for now, we are white-knuckling it home…


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