Sunriver Art Faire

Sunriver Art Faire

August 12-14

Jury $25

Booth $300

Held in the resort town of Sunriver near Bend Oregon. Saw a lot of advertising on facebook and around town. Don’t know about other advertising as we are out of state. We did this show in combination with a vacation to see family in Washington. About 70 artists at the show located in a shopping center area with restaurants, tourist shops and bike shops. Friday, Saturday and Sunday show .

Weather was beautiful on Friday though hot for this area. Crowd was light, but our sales were ok for a Friday. Saturday was hot… everyone was down at the river and not here. No crowd at any point.. just a few people wandering in and out. Sales were dismal for a Saturday. Today the weather is supposed to be a lot cooler. People are already here thought it’s early, so we will see what the day brings.

The sales (Some artists had great sales, some okay and some not at all) weren’t as good as we hoped for, but still good considering the crowd.   It was down from previous years.  I think weather was a big factor.  We’d be willing to do the show again if we get juried it.

The staff and volunteers all absolutely wonderful  Booth sitters are plentiful and there through out the day.  They provided small breakfasts and wonderful lunches (one per tent) for the entire 3 days.  The last day is was catered by the local Italian restaurant… delicious.

It was an easy set up and a wonderfully controlled tear down.. they make sure not to let people in before they are broken down so no one gets stuck.  Most of the time every one is out of there by 6.  Really enjoyed working with the people.  Beautiful area.


Sunriver-Bend RV Park – Thousand Trails

Sunriver Oregon Thousand Trails Bend-Sunriver RV Park

We arrive Sunriver, a resort town in the high desert in Oregon. Reservations had been made for the dates for the show about 3 months ago. We added two days in the front of the reservation about a week prior because we were arriving early. We arrived to the RV park. They would only let us check in for the two day stay because they won’t combine reservations. They do not reserve a specific spot for you. You have to drive around and find a spot. The campground is really full and it was really frustrating to try and figure out where to we would fit.

They don’t have sewer hook ups either. Most of the spots available were too small for our RV. But we finally found one on the back part of the campground.  The fact they don’t reserve a specific spot would have been enough to make me not stay here again.  We did find a new spot closer to the front and bigger the next day.

The kids left on the second day to go to their Aunt’s in Washington, so it’s just Scot, me and the cats while we do the Sunriver Art Festival.

We have been taking the grey water in the sewer caddy every other day to the dump. There is only 2 dumps and every time we have been there they are over flowing.  No one seems to care that there was a problem.  Trash was also over flowing at some areas.

This is our first experience with a campground in the thousand trails, but we are not impressed and can’t understand why you would buy into it if this is an example of the type of facility.  The miniature golf area was in bad condition with carpeting being torn etc.  Pools looked fine though.  They did have a large community area where you could hold an event.

Sunriver is a pretty place. I would like to have more time to explore more.


Crystal Crane Hot Springs

In Eastern Oregon, in the middle of nowhere we discovered a mini oasis of sweet relaxation.


On highway 78 a little ways for Burns, Oregon is a small hot springs with RV hookups, tent camping or cabins. They are in the process of building rooms with private baths too. It is a very laid back place. Open gravel parking lot for RV camping. There is only a few with hook up for dumps, so if that is important make sure you reserve a space early or dump at the welcome center coming in to the west of Burns before you get there. You can also dump at the country store 3 miles down the road for a fee. They have restrooms and a couple shower stalls. Nothing fancy, but they can take a shower if you want after getting out of the hot springs.



It’s a great place to stop and relax and a wonderful break after driving across Nevada. So if you get up in this area, stop in and relax. You can also just stop for a few hours and take a dip.



Sedona, Arizona

This place is a must see in Arizona.  We drove back from Williams to visit it for the day.  There is a lot of tourist shops and tons of activities, but since we only had a short time we just stopped in several of the crystal and rock shops and the local artist shops along the strip and then went to a couple of the vortexes.

I will be back to visit longer…it just felt so perfect.


Bell Rock
Bell Rock

Make sure you take the turn off before Bell Rock… otherwise you can’t get very close… we missed it!  So next time.

Red Rock Crossing/ Cathedral Rock
Red Rock Crossing/ Cathedral Rock

Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona

So Kirsten and I were driving her car following the RV and we took a small detour just cause we were passing by Winslow Arizona.  Cool little town that capitalizes on the Eagles song “Take It Easy.”

But if you come this way, stop in and get some gourmet hot dogs names for the states along Route 66 at the Sipp Shoppe right next across from the statue and flatbed Ford on the corner.

Standing on the corner
Standing on the corner

And take a journey to the La Pasada Hotel which was built by the Fred Harvey company along side the railroad in 1929.

La Pasada
La Pasada