Norris House of Horrors

So this year hasn’t gone as planned, no big surprise what plans go the way you plan them, right? But this year has been way problematic. Our kids are getting older and some of them have moved or are moving out and we are planning on downsizing in stages. The first stage was to buy a modular home and chunk a little bit off our property, move whatever will fit and we can’t live without. Just us, our son and the assorted animals we have since the girls have or are moving to the west coast. Easy peasy right?

So we thought, Clayton of Louisville said the house would be done and in place by the end of April, we being the optimist that we are gave them until the end of May in the contract. They delivered the first of June. The outside of the house was damaged bringing it in on our narrow roads. The edges of the roof… drip edge, singles and some of the vinyl siding and one of the columns needing replacing.Modular 164

Then we went inside the house. We should have at that point had them take it away. Most of the walls were visible crooked, bowed and such. They put to wrong bathtub in 2nd bath. The soffet in the kitchen was built to little, so when they installed the cabinets the corner ones would not open because the drawer were binding on each other. And every day after that we have discovered more things wrong… sometimes with some things built at the factory and some things due to repairs that were done improperly.

Walls not square 7


It’s now the end of July. They are still working on repairs.. some have been done right. Some need to be done again..

We had to cancel our July shows. $1200 in booth fees.. gone. No income.

We were suppose to have the work done of the house and list it this spring, then is was summer and now it’s not happening at all…

Every day we have gone in the house we have discovered something wrong.. and we are having to deal with so much stupidity. Example.. the back atrium door leaked like a sieve every time it rained.. so we told them they needed to fix it. Atrium Door leak 4 July 004

They told there workers to run a garden hose over it and see if they could figure out what was wrong. No surprise it didn’t leak. So they said it was fixed. Next rain a huge puddle appeared. So they finally after we told them to replace it or remove the house…replaced it. Of course the door they brought to replace it if damaged. So guess they will be replacing it again… did they fix the leak? I doubt it since we are pretty sure it’s the frame being crowned not the door at all.

Needless it say we are glad of a few things.. one that we made them include all the things they said we could have in the house and didn’t just “trust” them to do us right. Two that we didn’t pay them the full amount and three that we have another house to live it.

I could fill several blogs with problems and headaches we’ve had with this place. Our current feeling over the whole thing is disgust. At some point it will work out, I’m sure either by them getting it right or us turning it over the lawyer…

But we couldn’t take it anymore.. so we packed up the camper and left a little early for our Oregon show. Can’t afford it cancel anymore. Currently we are headed to Arizona to see my father and step-mom for a few days, with four cats (two will stay in Washington with my daughter), my youngest daughter who will be staying in Washington with her Aunt for awhile and my son. We are towing the truck full of stuff that hopefully will sell at the show and my daughter is driving her car. It will be a long trip.. Arizona.. to Oregon…to Washington… about 6 weeks worth. But we are going to try and count as a family vacation.. those have been few and far between…. see the Grand Canyon and a few other places and visit family that has been long over due… and escape from the Norris house of horrors.

First night we stayed at:

RV Express 66 RV Park, Marshfield, Mo…. great for an out night. Easy in and out… big rig friendly. Internet didn’t work.


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