Show Low, Arizona and the Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest National Park

Located maybe 45 minutes from my father’s and step mom’s place in Show Low is the Petrified Forest.


It is awesome. The park covers about 170 square miles and extends into the Painted Desert. Fallen petrified trees that lived in the late Triassic Period are widespread. We just went to the area by the visitor section, but there are other areas. The visitor section has dinosaur displays and a movie that tells the history. Bobby the friendly visitor guide jumped right in to add bunny ears on the picture of my daughter and was full of interesting facts to help your visit. There was a park ranger on staff outside to answer questions.


The petrified wood has amazing colors. Will definitely be on my list of places to explore if I get back to this area.


Show Low Arizona. If you get to Show Low… stop in an eat breakfast or lunch at the Sweetheart Cafe. They have great burgers and taco salad… plus more. Very friendly waitresses and unique deco. And next door is a used book store, Books and Treasures, if you need some reading material. The town has most everything you need for shopping… Lowes, Walmart, Safeway and more… plus some unique stores to check out. On Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market and Art Walk. Was heavier on the crafts then produce. But was definitely worth the trip if you are near.  The legend on how the town got it’s name is pretty interesting.. all over the card game Show Low.  Check out the details..,_Arizona


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