Crystal Crane Hot Springs

In Eastern Oregon, in the middle of nowhere we discovered a mini oasis of sweet relaxation.


On highway 78 a little ways for Burns, Oregon is a small hot springs with RV hookups, tent camping or cabins. They are in the process of building rooms with private baths too. It is a very laid back place. Open gravel parking lot for RV camping. There is only a few with hook up for dumps, so if that is important make sure you reserve a space early or dump at the welcome center coming in to the west of Burns before you get there. You can also dump at the country store 3 miles down the road for a fee. They have restrooms and a couple shower stalls. Nothing fancy, but they can take a shower if you want after getting out of the hot springs.



It’s a great place to stop and relax and a wonderful break after driving across Nevada. So if you get up in this area, stop in and relax. You can also just stop for a few hours and take a dip.




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