Horse Shu Kru Adventures in Sevierville, TN

We managed to sneak away to another rally with the Horse Shu Kru.  This time to Sevierville, TN.  We are staying at the Two River Resort right along side the French Broad River.  I mean right along side it.  The view in front of our RV is the gentle river. 

Callie is thrilled by the view, she sits on the dashboard and keeps watch on the river and the trees for birds.  Then she alerts us with her “chirp” meow in case we aren’t watching.   Frau got up on the dashboard one day and a little chickadee landed on the mirror outside and did a stand off with her.  She wasn’t sure how to take it and has confined her lounging to the bed now.

This time we decided to be brave and took Kismet, our Australian Shepard with us.  She is a sweet girl, but timid with noises and very dizzy when it comes to instructions and rules.  Now that she has gotten older, (Think she’s around 11 now), she has calmed down a lot.  She has done really well.  Enjoying meeting all the new people and some of the dogs.. though she could do without them.   I’m very happy with her behavior, so think I will just take her with us if we are able too.   I used the belt from the couch and run it underneath and belt her seat belt to it when we travel.  Gives her security and keeps her in a safe location.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the campground.  It’s right at the beginning of Sevierville  just a few miles south of interstate 40.   It’s a small RV park only 55 spaces.  All the spaces are concrete and double wide, so no problem parking your toad or towing vehicle in your space.  They have a small pool and small playground for the kids. 

There is the usual amenities of laundry and bathrooms.   It’s just one street with RV spots on both sides.  There is a club house with an exercise room and a gathering area.  They are currently looking for campground hosts.  6 month time slots – May-Oct, Nov-April.  So if you want to spend an extended time in the Smokies this would be a great place.  It’s close to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

Check them out

Scot and I have really enjoyed the time down here.  We have done a little cold calls to see if we can pick up a wholesale client in this area with our orbs.

Black Bear.. perfect for the Smokies

We sell to the some of the KY state parks and several visitor’s centers.  Thought TN might be a good expansion.

We have gotten to do some socializing with the great Horse Shu Kru, meeting several more members.  And spent countless hours reading, walking the dog.. and even napping.  OH MY Goodness.. you heard me right, NAPPING!  Yep, life is good.

Sevierville Moon – ain’t it grand?




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