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Missed Moments

So we are on vacation for the next couple of weeks, until the art show in Cedar Key, Florida. I’m not sure how to process vacations as we’ve taken so few of them. Usually a vacation is in the form of we are away from home doing a show and we have a few days before the next one, so we are on vacation. A few days is a lot different from two weeks.

beach dreaming

Even when Scot was in the military, vacations were normally taken when we were moving to a new location. There is a handful of times that we vacationed with the kids. I regret that now, would have liked to spend more time with them without the normal hubba of life. To late to change that, but I would like to change it in my life now. To take time to smell the roses so to speak.. visit important people while we have the chance… see places I’ve always wanted to see… and yet in order to do that I have to start a whole different life pattern. Learn to stop and breathe and relax… take in the moment, instead of rushing to the next task. 


Gulf State Park

Change is never easy for me, even if it’s a good thing. To often I feel the need to continue the work until it’s done, but what I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that the work is never done. There is always something more you could fix, finished, start, etc etc… but in the chaos of that, I think you miss the moments that make life worth living. There are thousands of them… that perfect sunrise or sunset, the cuddle with the cat/dog/child that only happens for brief moments before it’s gone, the scent of the flower in one second of time before it dies, and the list goes on. I want to collect those moments, store them up for when I’m in my darkest hour, breathe them in so I carry them in my cells, and live the life I was meant too; instead of the rush I’ve lived for far to long.


What moments are you missing?


Let’s talk Food

Let’s talk food.. We discovered a couple restaurants in Orange Beach, AL that are worth the trip. The first one is Cosmo’s. We went at lunch time, it was packed. Calamari for appetizer.. was perfect.  Scot had a fried oysters and shrimp, roasted garlic & bacon grits, and garlic asparagus. It was okay, nothing incredible. Neither one of us are big on the fried seafood, but it was the only variety they had. I had a grilled shrimp with a Parmesan risotto. The shrimp were ok, kind of tasted muddy. But the risotto was incredible. Perfect creamy and rich. I’d definitely recommend it if you go there. Service was good.

The next day we went to GT’s on the Bay. It was before the regular lunch rush, so pretty empty. We had a great waitress. Very attentive without being obtrusive. Scot ordered the special of the day shrimp with a pasta dish, kind of creole based sauce. Sorry he can’t remember the name, but as he said “it was really good.” I did their version of shrimp and grits. The grits were deep fried, which I wasn’t sure I would like, but boy was a wrong… the sauce kind of reminded me of an etouffee. It was incredible.. was hard not to lick the bowl!

But the best was found was on the trip out of Orange Beach. In Perdido Key, Florida. We saw a sign for Greek Food on a food truck parked on Merrila St. There was enough parking we could pull in with the RV so we stopped. OH MY… if you like Greek food this is a must hit place. We had the gyro plates… traditional gyro meat with a grill pita bread, rice, fries and a Greek Salad.. and lots of tzaziki sauce. If you love garlicky tzaziki this is the best I’ve had since Germany. We will definitely put this on our trip plans if we come this way. The original Georgio’s Authentic Greek Food.


Sandstorms of Life

So we are traveling again for art shows, currently down near Orange Beach, Alabama.  Today we went to the beach and I did something I’ve never done before… I just laid down on the sand without a blanket under me or anything.  Always before I’m thinking I would get my clothes all sanding, but today I didn’t care.  Life has hit me right in the heart with some major bumps and I figured maybe being right in the sand might help me ground a little.

It’s chilly down here, so I had long pants and a sweat shirt on, but I just pulled my hood up and laid down on the cold sand.  Pulling my pants up enough that I could bury my feet and calves in the golden grains.  And I just laid there as the wind blew sand crystals across my face, not hard enough to really hurt, but enough to sting just a little.

Did it help ground, maybe don’t really feel anymore settled then I did, but it did feel good just to lay there without my usual care of am I getting sand on me and will I get it in the car?  So I suppose that is a start.

It also made me think about the stinging of the sand as it blew in the wind.  How life is some times like that sand blowing… Some times things happen as they are like tiny crystals of sand blowing on your skin, some times it is just little irritating and some times it is hitting your skin so hard you think it is going to draw visible blood.  When you look around you wonder why people can’t see that the sand has worn you to the bare threads of your soul.. that your essence is literally bleeding as though it’s worn away your skin.

And then you have to wonder if you are missing seeing the same thing when you look at them?



Gatlinburg Fire

So I know it’s been a while since the Gatlinburg fire, but the damage is still very evident in the forests surrounding it.  It was scary to see just how close the fire came to the main strip… just like the hill behind the Aquarium… fire was right there.

This is taken from the rise right above Gatlinburg.  You can see the damaged trees.  Nature always amazes me.  It just comes back and grows… maybe even stronger then before.

I guess that’s how the people of this region are too.  As we’ve meet a few of them and listened to people talk about the help that people received after the fire.  It is amazing.  Stronger then before as they banded together, plus people who didn’t even know them before giving help to total strangers.  Kind of gives me hope for humanity.

Smoky Mountain Cat House

Ok, we saw this place yesterday when we went to the Pottery House for lunch.  But we were in the hurry to get back so didn’t stop in.  Today I made Scot go back there after doing some business cold calls and stop in to see what it was all about.

This is how we roll..

OMG! Cat lovers everywhere should make the trip down here to see this place.

Kitty Purses!

It is packed full of all sorts of stuff… kitty clocks, kitty jewelry, kitty t-shirts

… toys for kitties.  And much more… even some dog lovers things.  Of course they also have some cool kitties that hang around in the shop.. some even are up for adoption. 

Check them out online at


Horse Shu Kru Adventures in Sevierville, TN

We managed to sneak away to another rally with the Horse Shu Kru.  This time to Sevierville, TN.  We are staying at the Two River Resort right along side the French Broad River.  I mean right along side it.  The view in front of our RV is the gentle river. 

Callie is thrilled by the view, she sits on the dashboard and keeps watch on the river and the trees for birds.  Then she alerts us with her “chirp” meow in case we aren’t watching.   Frau got up on the dashboard one day and a little chickadee landed on the mirror outside and did a stand off with her.  She wasn’t sure how to take it and has confined her lounging to the bed now.

This time we decided to be brave and took Kismet, our Australian Shepard with us.  She is a sweet girl, but timid with noises and very dizzy when it comes to instructions and rules.  Now that she has gotten older, (Think she’s around 11 now), she has calmed down a lot.  She has done really well.  Enjoying meeting all the new people and some of the dogs.. though she could do without them.   I’m very happy with her behavior, so think I will just take her with us if we are able too.   I used the belt from the couch and run it underneath and belt her seat belt to it when we travel.  Gives her security and keeps her in a safe location.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the campground.  It’s right at the beginning of Sevierville  just a few miles south of interstate 40.   It’s a small RV park only 55 spaces.  All the spaces are concrete and double wide, so no problem parking your toad or towing vehicle in your space.  They have a small pool and small playground for the kids. 

There is the usual amenities of laundry and bathrooms.   It’s just one street with RV spots on both sides.  There is a club house with an exercise room and a gathering area.  They are currently looking for campground hosts.  6 month time slots – May-Oct, Nov-April.  So if you want to spend an extended time in the Smokies this would be a great place.  It’s close to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

Check them out

Scot and I have really enjoyed the time down here.  We have done a little cold calls to see if we can pick up a wholesale client in this area with our orbs.

Black Bear.. perfect for the Smokies

We sell to the some of the KY state parks and several visitor’s centers.  Thought TN might be a good expansion.

We have gotten to do some socializing with the great Horse Shu Kru, meeting several more members.  And spent countless hours reading, walking the dog.. and even napping.  OH MY Goodness.. you heard me right, NAPPING!  Yep, life is good.

Sevierville Moon – ain’t it grand?



Horse Shu Kru

Things have been crazy at my home.. we are trying to put in a building to house the RV and organize a few things around here.  Plus do art shows and make money to afford the building and stuff we are doing to make the house we are living in more marketable…ie: put in it’s own driveway and paint etc.  So in April right the weekend before one of our biggest shows, we were going ten different directions as we were getting the pad put in for the building, try to build inventory that should have been done ages ago and just live.  So what did we do when the plumbing inspector invited us on a camping rally with the local group of the Family Motor Coach Association.. The Horse Shu Kru?  We made some cool Horse Shu Kru orbs and threw some things in the coach and took off for 3 days.  Luckily Georgetown is only about 45 minutes from us.  Scot took the coach and I followed after making a stop into the post office to mail some orders out.

We stayed at the Whispering Hills RV Park in Georgetown area.  I highly recommend it as it’s nice and inexpensive. Lots of amenities and large easy to get into sites.  Beautiful Pond with the Canadian Geese swimming.  There was even 6 goslings.  whisperinghills

Anyway, it’s nice.  But the nicest part of the whole experience was the Horse Shu Kru.  Made of mostly retired folk, they were welcoming and just awesome.  For 3 days, I spent most of my waking hours chatting, playing card games, eating group meals and more playing card games.  I haven’t socialized that much since college.  We had some much fun, that we joined the Kru and are planning on doing their monthly rallies as often as we can.  Wise decision?  Who knows, we probably should be working.. but sometimes you just got to play a little.