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New Mexico- Petroglyph National Monument

New Mexico..


First time I’ve ever been to New Mexico. It’s now marked off my list of states I need to visit. After we get to Arizona and then travel through Nevada, I’ll only have 6 more states to visit before I’ve been through the entire US.. all of them in the New England area except for Alaska.

I was a little disappointed with New Mexico.. I think I was expecting the giant plateaus and beautiful desert scenes. Instead it was a lot of scrub brushes and nothing…

We did find a pretty cool stop in Albuquerque. The Petroglyph National Monument , it is one of the largest protected sites of petroglyphs in the US. Drawings done from the Ancestral Pueblo and early Spanish settlers 400-700 years old. It stretches the 17 miles along the Albuquerque, New Mexico’s West Mesa. Several sites with petroglyphs scattered among other rocks. We only did one of the areas. But found several unique drawings and it was an relatively easy walk up to the hill.  https://www.nps.gov/petr/index.htm

Kevin visits Petroglyphs

We were able to see a couple jackrabbits, other rabbits, lizards and one creature that kind of looked like a cross between and squirrel and a ferret.


If you come this way, make this a stop. Stop by the visitors center for info, map and bathroom break. Bring plastic water bottles (no glass), sunscreen and a hat… the sun is unforgiving.

We stayed at American RV Park… easy in and out. Complimentary continental breakfast. Small pool and other facilities. Active duty military stay free. Good Sam’s discount. Nice people very helpful with what to see. The only complaint is the internet didn’t not work. http://www.americanrvpark.com/

Key West… was that a rooster?

I’m feeling blessed. Seems we were misinformed last year when we asked about staying at the Navy Base in the RV camping area. We were told that you had to rotate in and out of wet camping, but not that once you got in to camping you could stay forever. We originally planned on staying on base for two weeks, but when we came here a couple weeks ago they were totally filled. Seems that everyone has taken advantage of cheaper fuel and came all the way down to Key West for the winter, so we ended up back up in Marathon at Knight’s Key. They are still open, but only until December as far as they know. It’s nice and familiar, plus Marathon has a great Greek place – La Mediterranne. We had arranged to camp at the RV parking at the Key West Craft Festival, but were going to leave the RV at the base during set up since we couldn’t park until after 5. We decided to check just in case someone had checked out as it had rained the day before and sometimes that motivates people to leave. Miracles of miracles… they had one spot for our size rig! Sweet! We will be in dry camping the whole time we are head, because it’s taking about 6 weeks to rotate through right now… but the price is $14 instead of the cheapest we could find of $85. So Sweet.20160130_085634

Now let’s talk Key West… every time we come down here I find another reason I like this place… This time it’s chickens.   Yes, you know that funny bird that either crows at all hours of the day and night or lays an egg. Well apparently at some point cock fighting became illegal, so between that and people just letting their chickens out Key West has it’s own little flock running loose every where.. I do mean everywhere. Me, I like chickens.. so I’m enjoying cackling at them as we travel down the street or listen to the rooster that inhabits the campground crow.. even if it is 3 in the morning. Me.. as an old farm girl, finds it comforting. And these chickens, they are 20160130_085550protected birds.. there is a fine of $500 if you kill one. That makes me chuckle…. Okay I laughed out loud when I heard it. But apparently it’s true. Makes me want to stay longer and see what else I like about the area.


Spirit Of Suwannee River Music Park

Spirit of the Suwannee River Music Park is a resort on the Suwannee River near Lake City, FL. A couple years ago we met one of the brothers of the family who founded the park. He bought the second tree bench we had ever done to be placed near the second tree house that they were building on the property. The Mother Tree is build around a fascinating live oak.  If you want to see more about the tree house it was featured on Treehouse Masters (animal Planet) in August 2015.



Though we have been back and forth to Florida a few times this was the first time we had a chance to stop and see the bench in it’s new home. The park is huge. It is home to music events that attract 50,000+. We were luck enough to stay on a Monday night when the park was almost empty. Nice not to have a crowd, but it did mean the two restaurants and craft stores were closed. Still all in and all, it was beautiful and quiet and I will take that in a heartbeat. We were able to take a tour of the tree house with a gracious and informative host, Eric and visit one of their bat houses to watch the 1000+ bats come out at dusk. They have cabins along with RV and tent spots available if you are inclined to want to check it out their website is http://musicliveshere.com/.


So we’ve bit the big bullet and upgraded our pull behind camper for a motorhome. It’s a 39 ft diesel pusher- Dutch Start by Newmar. In the class of motorhome, it’s one of the smaller ones, but after 27ft camper it seems huge and luxurious. It’s an older couch. A 2001 that an older couple had bought brand new thirteen years ago and lived in full time. We almost didn’t look at it, because of the live in part. Thinking it would have a lot of wear and tear on it, but this couple was immaculate. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place as clean as this one was.. and organized. Wow.


Anyway.. we bought it. Have done a couple short jaunts in it just to check it out. I feel spoiled! Very spoiled. Sometimes I just come out at night and watch a movie in the motorhome just because it makes me feel so spoiled. Guess I’m easy… but as my husband, Scot says it’s like going from a Motel 8 (previous camper) to the Sheraton.

Today we arrived at the KOA campground in Bellefonte. Seems nice. We arrived a day early and decided to leave a day early and they just moved our reservation. Easy Peasy. Spaces have a little bit of room with them. Campground looks well maintain and roads are graveled and nice.

We are here for our first try at an art show that is held close by in State College at Central Pennsylvania
University. Major art show- Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts… we will see how good it is for us. It’s a four day show: Wednesday set up, followed by Thursday-Sunday show days. Long hours 10-8 Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 on Sunday. So we hope it will be profitable and fun or it’s going to seem like an eternity.

Latest Bird... Bald Eagle
Latest Bird… Bald Eagle


But we will be crashed out comfortably at night in our “new” motorhome.

I call him Moses. Why? Because we live in the country down this barely one lane road. When we drive on it, it is like the “seas” part when we meet another vehicle. Doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is.. they get off the road. Heck, the UPS guy even backed down the road and pulled into a driveway to get out of our way. Makes me feel some sort of powerful when we are driving in it. Well, that and a little bit scared.. when I’m in the passenger seat it’s like there is nothing in front of me except the front window…. wide open spaces. Makes a great view and yet a little bit scary sometimes..


But we are on to a new adventure.. a new adventure in spoiling!

MacDill AFB camping

We are at MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa. They have a campground here for any of you retired military or active duty. Also DOD can use it, but only the dry camp part from what we’ve heard.

They have the full hook up section, which is harder then hard to get a reservation for. You can book ahead for I think a month at a time and pay for it in advance. All lesser times are booked 14 days out. Call at 10 am if you want to even hope getting a spot during high season. They do have a dry camp area, which is where we are. They allow people to stay 14 days in full hook up, then they must leave and go to the dry camp area. From they there go to the bottom of the list and start waiting for a spot to open up. Right now they are saying five day waiting list.

However they have bathhouses, laundry and are right near the beach. Dry camp is $10 a night, full service $15-20 depending on time of the year.. so we can deal with it. Sure between the $60 elsewhere this time of year.

We stayed in dry camp until Saturday, then moved to full hookup.  love having full hookup.

MacDill sunset
MacDill sunset

Note:  Today Scot and I went to Seascapes.  It’s a restaurant located right in the marina/campground area for lunch.  If you stay here.. don’t bother.  You order your food at a counter and pick it up when your pager goes off.  That’s okay.  But I ordered a Grilled Salmon Caribbean Salad ( grilled salmon over a field of mixed greens with sweet potatoes and jicama  slices served with orange-pineapple vinaigrette) $7.99.  What I got was a salad about the size of a side salad  with a small piece of salmon, romaine lettuce, a couple cucumber slices, and four small tomato slices served with balsamic vinaigrette.   Scot’s three decker club sandwich.. one layer sandwich with pathetic filling!  $7.49

A camper said they do a pound of crab or shrimp on Friday nights.. but after today’s experience I wonder if it’s really a pound maybe a 1/4 lb.   UGH!