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Missed Moments

So we are on vacation for the next couple of weeks, until the art show in Cedar Key, Florida. I’m not sure how to process vacations as we’ve taken so few of them. Usually a vacation is in the form of we are away from home doing a show and we have a few days before the next one, so we are on vacation. A few days is a lot different from two weeks.

beach dreaming

Even when Scot was in the military, vacations were normally taken when we were moving to a new location. There is a handful of times that we vacationed with the kids. I regret that now, would have liked to spend more time with them without the normal hubba of life. To late to change that, but I would like to change it in my life now. To take time to smell the roses so to speak.. visit important people while we have the chance… see places I’ve always wanted to see… and yet in order to do that I have to start a whole different life pattern. Learn to stop and breathe and relax… take in the moment, instead of rushing to the next task. 


Gulf State Park

Change is never easy for me, even if it’s a good thing. To often I feel the need to continue the work until it’s done, but what I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that the work is never done. There is always something more you could fix, finished, start, etc etc… but in the chaos of that, I think you miss the moments that make life worth living. There are thousands of them… that perfect sunrise or sunset, the cuddle with the cat/dog/child that only happens for brief moments before it’s gone, the scent of the flower in one second of time before it dies, and the list goes on. I want to collect those moments, store them up for when I’m in my darkest hour, breathe them in so I carry them in my cells, and live the life I was meant too; instead of the rush I’ve lived for far to long.


What moments are you missing?


Smoky Mountain Cat House

Ok, we saw this place yesterday when we went to the Pottery House for lunch.  But we were in the hurry to get back so didn’t stop in.  Today I made Scot go back there after doing some business cold calls and stop in to see what it was all about.

This is how we roll..

OMG! Cat lovers everywhere should make the trip down here to see this place.

Kitty Purses!

It is packed full of all sorts of stuff… kitty clocks, kitty jewelry, kitty t-shirts

… toys for kitties.  And much more… even some dog lovers things.  Of course they also have some cool kitties that hang around in the shop.. some even are up for adoption. 

Check them out online at www.SmokyMountainCatHouse.com