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Images of Home..

While we’ve been down here sweating in the sun doing art shows.  Our children have been in KY taking care of our animals and freezing in the snow and ice that has plagued the area this year.  Part of me feels majorly guilty leaving them to deal with all this and part of me is relieved not to be dealing with it myself. 

Anyway, now that we are on the tail end of our trip, my thoughts turn more to home and everything that is there.  My youngest calls us yesterday to say it’s been to long and we should come see her at college as soon as we get back.. and my oldest sending us pictures of the heated water bowl on the porch as she discovered the reason it is always dirty.


I guess I’m missing home too.  Oh not all the nasty weather or the chaos that is to much of my life, but home.. the kids, the animals, the friends.. just home. 

Maybe next year we will be longer in Florida if we come down, but right now, I think I’m ready to go hug my kids, pet my horse and cuddle my cats… sometimes an image puts everything in to perspective.