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Horse Shu Kru

Things have been crazy at my home.. we are trying to put in a building to house the RV and organize a few things around here.  Plus do art shows and make money to afford the building and stuff we are doing to make the house we are living in more marketable…ie: put in it’s own driveway and paint etc.  So in April right the weekend before one of our biggest shows, we were going ten different directions as we were getting the pad put in for the building, try to build inventory that should have been done ages ago and just live.  So what did we do when the plumbing inspector invited us on a camping rally with the local group of the Family Motor Coach Association.. The Horse Shu Kru?  We made some cool Horse Shu Kru orbs and threw some things in the coach and took off for 3 days.  Luckily Georgetown is only about 45 minutes from us.  Scot took the coach and I followed after making a stop into the post office to mail some orders out.

We stayed at the Whispering Hills RV Park in Georgetown area.  I highly recommend it as it’s nice and inexpensive.  http://www.whisperinghillsrv.com/. Lots of amenities and large easy to get into sites.  Beautiful Pond with the Canadian Geese swimming.  There was even 6 goslings.  whisperinghills

Anyway, it’s nice.  But the nicest part of the whole experience was the Horse Shu Kru.  Made of mostly retired folk, they were welcoming and just awesome.  For 3 days, I spent most of my waking hours chatting, playing card games, eating group meals and more playing card games.  I haven’t socialized that much since college.  We had some much fun, that we joined the Kru and are planning on doing their monthly rallies as often as we can.  Wise decision?  Who knows, we probably should be working.. but sometimes you just got to play a little.


Images of Home..

While we’ve been down here sweating in the sun doing art shows.  Our children have been in KY taking care of our animals and freezing in the snow and ice that has plagued the area this year.  Part of me feels majorly guilty leaving them to deal with all this and part of me is relieved not to be dealing with it myself. 

Anyway, now that we are on the tail end of our trip, my thoughts turn more to home and everything that is there.  My youngest calls us yesterday to say it’s been to long and we should come see her at college as soon as we get back.. and my oldest sending us pictures of the heated water bowl on the porch as she discovered the reason it is always dirty.


I guess I’m missing home too.  Oh not all the nasty weather or the chaos that is to much of my life, but home.. the kids, the animals, the friends.. just home. 

Maybe next year we will be longer in Florida if we come down, but right now, I think I’m ready to go hug my kids, pet my horse and cuddle my cats… sometimes an image puts everything in to perspective.