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Yoga on the Beach & RANT

So we went out to St. George Island early this morning so Scot could go metal detecting on the beach. It’s spring break time here, so he thought it might be good. As we came out on the beach from the trail we saw the sand littered with beer cans and other trash. As I came once again to the realization that people are pigs. Seriously, people clean up your trash. The trash cans several of them weren’t even 4 yards away from where people had just left they empty beer cans. Why? It’s no wonder that our society is going to hell in a hand basket with this kind of behavior. It just really pissed me off. I wish I have the power to just make the trash left follow whoever left it home or even there car maybe with some sand thrown in with it. Maybe their bed at home.. not their bed at their vacation site, but their bed at home. Every piece of trash they left in their beds waiting for them when they get back from their vacation of indulgence of not picking up their shit. End RantIMG_7728

After I got done getting up ticked off about people I took my yoga mat and laid it out near the crashing surf. Not close enough to get wet, but close enough to block out all the noise and just focus on the ocean. There I focused on the moment and did several sun salutes and some other yoga poses to try and elevate some hip problems I’m having and to focus breathing in the moment. Pausing to watch the dolphins swimming by and the pelicans flying. I might be able to learn to relax and breath if I could do that on a daily basis. There is just something about the sound of the ocean that just makes life better. I seriously need a bigger yoga mat though as the sand gets everywhere.




To stay or not to stay

Gulf State Park – Alabama

In between Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama sits Gulf State Park. It is a large state park with 3 lakes and miles of ocean front. Reservations can be made up to 14 months out or something like that, so it is hard to find a space, because there is no penalty for cancellation. They do some times have space available when the Reserve American website says they are booked. We were making reservations for next year, was told it was booked and to go to headquarters and sign up on the wait-list. When we got up there, found out that they had space available. So check your options.

The campground has full hookups. Big spaces and facilities available. There are a lot of easy hiking or bike paths. The beach is just a short bike ride away or you can drive to it easy.gulfstate

There are signs every where warning not to feed or aggravate the alligators. So be careful where you walk your dog. We will definitely put this on our list of possible places to stay. It is very conveniently located to either Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.


Indian Pass Campground – Indian Pass, Florida


The campground is located about 23 miles from Apalachicola, Florida right on the bay.  The beach is full of oyster shells and the water is pretty brackish. It is an older campground, looks like any updates were done out of necessity not for upkeep reasons. No sewers hook up, though there is a dump station and also they can pump you out for $15. Arrival time is 3pm.. if you get there before then, expect to pay $10 for the privilege of coming in early. Check out is at 10 am! It’s a small park, has a decent bath house. Several trailers in the park full time. There is a fishing charter that you can take for 2 ½ hours for $55 or you can also get a lift to the research island across the way.

dolphin2Unfortunately the boat was down for engine repair while we were here, so that wasn’t an option for us. Though the campground is fine, it is kind of in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive at least 25 minutes to get to anything other then the small trading post. We did see dolphins in the bay one morning, so that was nice. Will we stay here again if we come this way, maybe if they charter is going just to go do the fishing part. Would love to get some fresh fish… we bought some at a fish market, but it’s so pricey, would be cheaper to pay for a charter.




Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch..

Funky Art
Funky Art

We had been too long of hours to make our way to my Dad’s place so we decided to take it a road side attraction. Just off I-40, right on the frontage road in Amarillo, TX is a public art display. We figured that this would satisfy my daughter’s request to stop at some crazy road side attraction. It was actually pretty cool.

Kevin visits the Cadillac Ranch

Created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, artists of part of a group called Ant Farm. The display is made from old Cadillacs that were buried have way in the dirt and they are painted different colors. Over time they have been painted with spray paint from visitors from the world around. While we were there, we heard several languages and watched as others put unique tags on the car and joined in to do it too. I’m sure that in the next several weeks our tags will be covered by other visitors, but it was pretty cool. How many places can you legally graffiti a piece of art? What an experience for kids visiting. Here kid take this spray paint and knock yourself out… yep, kind of cool. You can bring your own paint or pick up a can left by others. Be an angel and take an empty can away with you to dispose of properly…

Panda Creation
Panda Creation



The beginning of the end

Ah, ocean..
Ah, ocean..

Today began and ended my vacation, because it is the last day before we start traveling into weather to make our way home.. our last day in Florida and the first day I felt totally like I was on vacation.


No upcoming art shows, no stress about will people not only admire our work, but also buy it.  No nothing.. today after waking up and getting ready we drove into the small gulf town of Cedar Keys.  It’s just a beach town.. lots of condos and B&B type places and several restaurants and a few shops. 


Today after a nice walk on the beach with the dog, I left Scot metal detecting on the same beach while I went downtown if there is such a place in small towns and played tourist looking for a few items to take home to the kids.  Cedar Keys has a couple of art galleries, you know the great kind with several local artists displaying their work.. some really nice and affordable pieces.  They also have an art show in mid April that sounds really cool.  Like so many times when I see local art, I wish I was wealthier.  I would so buy things just to support local artists. Having been one now for awhile, I truly understand how much a sale can make the difference.  One particular shop was filled with tie-dyed shirts and dyed silks, painting, leather dog leashes and collars and so much more.  What a treasure trove. 


After picking up a few items for the children, I went back to the small beach they have here.. really a park with a man made beach attached.  While Scot hunted for buried treasure.. sinkers and coins, Bitty and I stretched out under a tree.   I for the first time in this vacation, felt like I was on vacation.. I suppose maybe that typical of me.. waiting until the last moment to truly relax.  But relax I did. After Scot exhausted the beach for treasures we went over to one of the local restaurants, several of them are dog friendly if you eat on the decks… and finally I got my gator bites and Scot got his oysters..  Sometimes life is just perfect.   Tomorrow is soon enough to worry about the storm that suppose to hit right in the path of our travels… today is my vacation. 

flying home..
flying home..

Sometimes time doesn’t really matter at all..

Today has just been one of those days.. you know, the one that make you wished you had just stayed in bed with the covers over your head.
It dawned bright and warm, perfect day. I thought that as I got up and walked the Bitty. Perfect day to be on vacation in Florida. It doesn’t matter if the art show yesterday failed to meet our expectations and doubts of whether or not someone liked our work or why that person didn’t buy the piece they claimed to love… it just didn’t matter because we were on vacation again! The tear down and leaving of the campground went well.
Good campground.. was close to the show, so we were able to base out of there and have air conditioning at night.
Anyway.. we started the day good. Stopped at Fort Meyers at Camping World. Got some breakfast at Bob Evans.. and felt like we were making good progress. Figured we would be at the campground in Cedar Keys around 4.
Never count your chickens before they hatch… because about an hour later the right back tired blew… we discovered we forgot the lug wrench. Seriously? Yep there is always something.. Thank heavens we have Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance. It only to about an hour and a half to get help.. thank goodness we had a jack because the repair guy showed up with a small 2 1/2 ton one and thought it would work. Sometimes I wonder..
Stopped at an RV place in Venice where we had ordered parts for the awning when we were there 3 weeks ago, but due to the yuck weather up north didn’t come in until a week ago. They gave us the name of a tire place on our way that we stopped at and got the tire repaired, put back on and tucked the spare back under the camper in the holder Scot made. So now 3 1/2 hours behind schedule we took off down the road thinking all way good.. until we hit Tampa traffic and construction. At some point, I think you just give up.. give in.. and acknowledge that time is against you. I’m just happy we weren’t on any hard time schedule.. no show to be at and no have-toos… Because we are on vacation again. As we pulled into the campground in Cedar Keys at 7:49pm.. I’m laid back and relax.. because in reality time really didn’t matter at all.

Do you have a twin? Monday 27

Crazy weekend with the Venice Arts and Craft Festival, set up was 5:30am on Sat. It was more craft than art and though we had a lot of admiration for our work, sales were few and far between for us. Some artists did great, some did ok and some like us did little. The set up and break down were relatively easy and one of the organizers, Elaine came by introduced herself and brought snacks both days. That is always appreciated. The weather was good on Saturday, but despite the weather predication of only a 20% chance of rain after 3, we had showers on and off all day. Meant a wet break down, so we had to dry out the tent today. Ugh, one of my least favorite activities.

The show was what it was and we both agree, it wasn’t really the venue for us. So we will try something else next time. But now the weekend is over and we are on vacation. Definitely a lifestyle I could get use too.

Before I completely leave the weekend behind, I want to talk twins with you all. You know when we see someone is almost a twin of someone you know… maybe a younger or older twin or a chubbier or skinnier… that twin.

Well I got news for you all… the majority of your twins are here in Florida attending art shows in Venice. Was just a little freaky. I’ve been lots of places and met many people, but I have never seen so many twins in one place in my entire life. They say there are only so many DNA combinations, so at some point you are bound to repeat a combination that is close. Do you think it is true? If it is.. the doubles are vacationing here. To freaky!!

Today was nice. Scot and I are finally embracing the idea of being on vacation. We slept in, took Bitty on a long walk and then I went with a neighbor, Rhonda to yoga class. Rhonda and her husband, Larry are from KY too. Interesting, we are right next to our fellow Kentuckians. Anyway, we enjoyed an hour and a half of stretching and relaxation, something my back and body really needed. This park has tons of activities. It’s one of the biggest reasons people come here. If they had shopping, you’d never have to leave the park. Exercise classes, computer club, wood shop, stained glass, and to many more to name, like being a resort, but having your own place to stay. Nice or Freaky… not sure on that one?

After yoga, we went out to lunch. Something we don’t do very much since we can cook in the trailer. Then we walked the beach and after awhile, Scot dug out his metal detector and spent an hour or so combing the beach for that ten carat diamond ring. I’m sorry to report he didn’t find it. But there is always tomorrow…

Then it was back to the Artship, an evening walk and a dinner complete with reading. We are such an old couple. What do you want to do tonight? I don’t know.. maybe we could fix some chow and read across the table from each other… Yeppers.. another exciting day on vacation.